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The Tortallan Royal University is located just outside of Corus, the capital of Tortall. The university rivals the excellence of the Carthaki University and the City of the Gods.


The royal university is a relatively new university compared to the City of the Gods and the Carthaki University, both of which have existed since the 3rd century HE and before that. The university was founded in the 400s HE, and the idea was conceived when Bazhir tribes began to share their magical knowledge with each other[1].

Further Information

Harailt of Aili is the dean of the university.

Nealan of Queenscove attended the Mages College at the university for a time until the deaths of his brothers, Graeme and Cathal of Queenscove. Since he became the heir to the dukedom of Queenscove, Neal felt it was his duty to become a Knight of Tortall instead of a scholar and a mage.

More information about the school will be exposed in the coming books about Numair Salmalín.

Notes and References

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