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The Tortallan Books of Nobility recorded the noble families of Tortall. In the fifth century of the Human Era there are three books in which the names of the ruling families are listed. The books chronicle the noble families of the realm from the beginning of the Kingdom of Tortall to the 5th century.

The Books of Nobility

The Book of Gold

The first book written was the Book of Gold, which was begun in 795 AE, more than two hundred years before 0 HE and the banishment of the Immortals, after the fall of the Thanic Empire and the establishment of Tortall as a sovereign nation.[1] The book was named for the gilded letters and plates of gold on the front and back. The pages itself are parchment. The book was restricted to the number of pages it already had, so there was no more room for any more families after a point. Thus, the Book of Silver was started with the creation of more noble families.

Known Families:

The Book of Silver

Over 100 years after the beginning of the Book of Gold, the Book of Silver was started in 900 AE / 1 HE. It was made in the same way as the Book of Gold was, except for the silver letters and silver plates on the front and back. It lasted 200 years before it ran out of space as well.

The Book of Copper

The Book of Copper was started in 204 HE.[1] The Book of Copper was still used to chronicle new noble families by the fifth century of the Human Era.

House Mindelan wasn't in the Book of Copper yet, being very new.

Real-Life Connections

Books holding information about a country's aristocrats have been prevalent in many parts of history and the world. The wording and the idea in general is likely based on Venice's Libro d'Oro, literally meaning "Book of Gold", which listed the families, their cadet branches, and their histories and establishments.

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