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Tortall: A Spy's Guide is a companion book for the Tortallan Universe books and written by Tamora Pierce. The book is written in epistolary format, using the documents and journal entries from George Cooper's time as second-in-command spymaster.

Publication details

The Random House hardcover and ebook editions were published October 31st, 2017. The audiobook was released October 31st by Listening Library.

Back Cover Summary

"As Tortall’s spymaster, George Cooper has sensitive documents from all corners of the realm. When Alanna sends him a surprising letter, he cleans out his office and discovers letters from when King Jonathan and Queen Thayet first ascended the throne, notes on creating the Shadow Service of spies, threat-level profiles on favorite characters, Daine’s notes on immortals, as well as family papers, such as Aly’s first report as a young spy and Neal’s lessons with the Lioness. This rich guide also includes the first official timeline of Tortallan events from when it became a sovereign nation to the year Aly gives birth to triplets. Part history, part spy training manual, and entirely fascinating, this beautiful guide makes a perfect gift and is ideal for anyone who loves Alanna, King Jonathan, Queen Thayet, Kel, Neal, Aly, Thom, Daine, Numair, and the unforgettable world of Tortall!"
—Back Cover Summary of the book

Book Sections/ Organization

  1. Letters from the Cooper Family Archives
  2. Becoming a Spy
  3. Spy Reports
    • Diary of Master Hobart Cusyner
  4. Killing Device Reports
  5. How Lord Sir Wyldon of Cavall Became Training Master
  6. Immortals
    • Daine's Immortals Notes
  7. Diplomat's Guide to Tortall
    • Letter to Shinkokami
    • A Diplomat's Guide to the Realm of Tortall
  8. Cooper Family Papers
  9. Notices from Across the Realm
  10. An Official Chronology of Tortallan Events

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