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Tobeis Boon
Biographical Information
Birth Name
Mage Name
Nickname Tobe
Honorific '
Born c. 450 HE
Nationality Tortallan
Magic Wild magic
Specialization Horses
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Family Information
Adoptive Parents
Adoptive Children
Other Family Eulama (midwife who reared him)
Patron God
Rank Commoner
Residence New Hope (current)
Haven (before destruction)
Queensgrace (former)
Bazhir Tribe
K'miri Tribe
Occupation Servant (to Kel)
Affiliation Scanran War
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared '
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance Lady Knight
Last Mentioned '

Tobeis Boon (pronounced toe-BAYSS), nicknamed Tobe (TOEB, like "toe"), is an orphan of unknown parentage and the servant of Keladry of Mindelan, a Lady Knight of Tortall. Based on his looks, he is assumed to have Scanran ancestry. He possesses wild magic with horses. During the Scanran War, Tobe lived in Haven and then New Hope.


Early Life

Tobe was born around 450 HE, as he is described as being nine or ten years old. He does not know his exact age or birthdate. His mother dumped him on a doorstep in Queensgrace and he was raised by the village midwife, Eulama. She dubbed him Tobeis Boon, as he must have been a boon to somebody throughout his life and journey[1].


After Eulama's death, Tobe became an indentured servant to Queensgrace's innkeeper, Alvik, who treated him badly. Tobe was beaten and Alvik refused to provide him with education nor proper clothing, which went against the orders described in his indenture contract. Alvik mainly got angry at Tobe for hanging around the stables while he was supposed to be working. Alvik never recognized that Tobe had wild magic. The Scanran War was declared while Tobe was still in service to Alvik.

Changes for Tobe

Keladry of Mindelan took Tobe on when she saw how badly Alvik abused him. She immediately guessed at his horse magic when she saw that her gelding Peachblossom, normally incredibly temperamental, did not bite or hurt Tobe[1]. Tobe's indenture contract was bought from Alvik for two copper nobles. Tobe had worked for the innkeeper for three years before Kel became his new mistress.

After buying the contract, she called in Sir Nealan to heal Tobe and to cure him of fleas and lice, and to heal any wounds that Tobe might have acquired from Alvik. She also outfitted him and taught him to read, as was her duty. At first Tobe believed that Kel had taken drugs or alcohol in order to make it so she would buy his contract. He remained distrustful, since nobles had taken an interest in him before but had always abandoned him. Instead of riding in a wagon, he rode with Kel[1].

Living at Haven

Wyldon of Cavall, the district commander during wartime, and Kel's former training master, assigned Kel to command a refugee camp. Kel brought Tobe along with her. When she arrived at the camp, Tobe surprised her by bowing when he accepted Peachblossom's reins. She assumed that somebody gave him lessons in manners but that someone was never revealed[2].

While at Haven, Tobe became a very good servant to Kel, and was always willing to help. His eagerness to help was almost entirely based in the fact that he was afraid she would leave him. He even eavesdropped on private meetings in order to make sure that she didn't surprise him[3]. He became good friends with the refugee children, like Gydo and Loesia. They learned how to use weapons from Kel in the mornings, like spears and archery[4]. Later, other refugee children like Barrabul, Keon, and Dortie joined them[5].

Tobe accompanied Kel and Neal to Fort Mastiff to report to Lord Wyldon the first time[6]. Throughout this time, Tobe had heard Kel talk in her sleep about Blayce the Gallan. He had started referring to one of Kel's facial expressions as her "Blayce face"[7].

In early June of 460 HE, Kel and Neal had to go to Mastiff again to report to Wyldon. This time, Tobe allowed Kel to go without him, trusting her to return to them[8]. Loesia and Gydo promised Kel that they would look after him[8]. The day after Kel had left, the killing devices and Scanran raiders attacked Haven in force at mid-morning. Zamiel Fairview, the head clerk, had sent Tobe out through the hidden tunnel. The sparrows led him out but he had to go around the long way in order to avoid being caught by the enemy. After dark, when the sparrows couldn't continue, Tobe was led to Mastiff by an owl[8]. Kel ordered Tobe to stay at Mastiff and to focus on getting better, which he was not happy about.

Foray into Scanra

Catching up with Kel

They heard that Kel had gone off into enemy territory in order to rescue the Haven civilians[9]. Tobe informed a few of Kel's year-mates, like Neal, Esmond of Nicoline, Seaver of Tasride, and Merric of Hollyrose that Kel was afraid that Blayce would use the children to fuel more killing devices[9]. Tobe was planning to stow away one his own, but was stopped by Owen of Jesslaw, who had previously been refused by Kel's year-mates to go with them because he would twice forsworn. Owen knew it would be a good idea to bring Tobe because of the boy's wild magic[9]. Tobe and Owen caught up with Kel and Sergeant Domitan and his squad later[10]. Kel didn't mind seeing Tobe, since he had brought Peachblossom with him[10], but she was heartbroken at seeing Owen, since the boy would break faith with not only Tortall but Lord Wyldon if they ever returned[10].

Tobe went with the others deep into Scanran territory, and crossed the Vassa River with the smugglers[11].

Scanran Territory

Once across the Vassa, they were officially in Scanran territory. Tobe mostly rode Peachblossom and turned down any offer of another horse[12]. They followed the trail of the refugees who were now slaves. One night, they came up with a plan to rescue the adult refugees and did so. Tobe was instrumental in calling the horses[12]. He was incredibly dismayed to find that his friends Loey, Meech, and Gydo, were not there, but Kel had already had a suspicion that Stenmun Kinslayer had begun to take them to Blayce[12]. After this rescue, Merric of Hollyrose was chosen to take the adult refugees back to Tortall[12]. Kel, the knights and soldiers, Tobe, and a few other adult refugees like Fanche Weir and Saefas Ploughman continued on to rescue the children[12].

As they continued with the journey, Tobe's magic with horses became increasingly useful. He was able to tell the others if there were any problems the horses had, or if they were tired[13]. Rescuing the children became more of a challenge than rescuing the adults, since Stenmun had placed a child with each of his soldiers on horseback. This made it so Tobe would not be able to call the horse or have the horse throw the guard because of the child[14]. Stenmun was able to reach Castle Rathhausak, however, and Kel and her company went to the nearest village. They were met there by Irnai, the seer child who had prophesied about Kel and her arrival, as well as the village's headman Zerhalm and a few other villagers such as Agrane.

Battle of Castle Rathhausak

Kel and her forces planned the attack with the Scanran villagers who wanted to oust Blayce and Stenmun as much as Kel did[15]. Tobe also went with them. They went in a secret tunnel and were led by Agrane[15]. It was along the Pakkai River. They discovered that the entrance that Agrane was bringing them to was blocked off, but Kel found it that it was an illusion by using the griffin feather headband[15]. They found the children, including Gydo, Meech, and Loey. Gydo, Loey, and Tobe decided to stay and take up arms against the Scanran soldiers[15]. They made a good team and stuck together, bringing down quite a few Scanrans[15]. Tobe, Loey, and Gydo survived the battle[16].

Tobe returned to Tortall with Kel, her soldiers, and those they rescued. He remained in the service of Kel, and helped her found New Hope[17].

Physical Description

Tobe is small for his age and his hair is blond.  He has blue eyes[1].

Personality and Traits

Because of his abusive upbringing, Tobe does not see much in the world or other people, at least at first. Kel is shocked multiple times by the bleak outlook he has on other people and the world in general. He is very outspoken, however, and is not afraid to turn down the help of nobles.

At Haven, things really start to change for him. He makes friends among the refugee children, including Gydo, and Loesia. Together with the girls, he practices his archery and spear skills with Keladry, forming close bonds to them. He also forms a very close bond to Kel. After the Scanrans attacked and took his friends, Tobe was heartbroken. When he discovered that Kel went off into enemy territory without him, he couldn't blame her. What he could blame her for was going without him.

Skills and Abilities

Magical skills

Tobe has wild magic with horses, and it seems to be very strong or at least it has the potential to grow stronger. As of Lady Knight, Tobe has the ability to call horses to him, to talk to them, etc. He struggles with calling the whole herd in a way that makes it so they don't freak out or lose control.

Fighting and tracking skills

Tobe exhibits a profound knowledge of war during the rescue mission, including the detail that Quinden of Marti's Hill should have had scouts to look for possible threats for his squad[10]. Because of the early morning lessons with Gydo, Loesia, and Kel, Tobe has become a very good warrior for a ten year old. Even though he is young, he is an asset to the rescue mission and does not slow them down.


So far Tobe only appears in Lady Knight.

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