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Timon Greendale (pronounced TIHM-muhn) was Duke Gareth's personal footman when Alanna of Trebond first came to the royal palace disguised as a the boy "Alan". One of Timon's responsibilities was summoning the pages with whom the duke—their training master at that time—wanted to speak. Thus he also brought Alanna to Duke Gareth quite a few times. Timon also helped Alanna, Coram, and Sir Myles, care for prince Jonathan when he got the Sweating Sickness.[1] When Alanna was about to duel with the Tusaine knight Dain of Melor in her term as a squire, Timon fetched her sword.[2]

By the time Alanna returned to Corus after her quest for the Dominion Jewel Timon had become the chief of the palace footmen.[3] In the time between Alanna's training and Keladry of Mindelan's first year as a page Timon seemed to have reached a higher position, since Salma Aynnar told Keladry of Mindelan that their head, Timon Greendale, reorganized service in the page's wing.[4]

When Alanna first came to the royal palace Timon was described as a "slender young man".[5]


Timon appeared as a minor character in three of the novels in the Song of the Lioness quartet. The only book in the series he didn't appear in was The Woman Who Rides Like a Man. Salma also mentioned him in First Test, although he never appeared personally in this novel.

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