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*May - Alanna and Thom turn 18<ref name="TASGtime274" />
*May - Alanna and Thom turn 18<ref name="TASGtime274" />
**Alanna's friends surprise her with gifts of weapons and armor (Add reference - ITHOTG)
**Alanna's friends surprise her with gifts of weapons and armor (Add reference - ITHOTG)
*May 23rd - [[Numair Salmalín|Arram Draper]], [[Ozorne Tasikhe]], and [[Varice Kingsford]] are all moved from the Lower Academy to the Upper in the [[Imperial University of Carthak|Carthaki Imperial University School for Magic]] - needs reference
*May 23rd - [[Numair Salmalín|Arram Draper]], [[Ozorne Tasikhe]], and [[Varice Kingsford]] are all moved from the Lower Academy to the Upper in the [[Imperial University of Carthak|Carthak Imperial University School for Magic]] - needs reference
*Summer/ Autumn - Alanna reveals her true identity to [[Gareth II of Naxen|Gary of Naxen]]<ref name="TASGtime274" />
*Summer/ Autumn - Alanna reveals her true identity to [[Gareth II of Naxen|Gary of Naxen]]<ref name="TASGtime274" />
*Mid August Prince Qesan of [[Carthak]] is killed by a jealous husband
*October - [[Sarain|Saren]] Civil War begins<ref name="TASGtime274" />
*October - [[Sarain|Saren]] Civil War begins<ref name="TASGtime274" />
*[[Midwinter]] - Alanna passes her [[Ordeal of Knighthood]]<ref name="TASGtime274" />
*[[Midwinter]] - Alanna passes her [[Ordeal of Knighthood]]<ref name="TASGtime274" />
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* May 3 - [[Kalasin]] of [[Sarain]] commits suicide<ref name="TASGtime275" />
* May 3 - [[Kalasin]] of [[Sarain]] commits suicide<ref name="TASGtime275" />
* May - Alanna and [[Thom of Trebond|Thom]] turn 19<ref name="TASGtime275" />
* May - Alanna and [[Thom of Trebond|Thom]] turn 19<ref name="TASGtime275" />
* End of August [[Stiloit Tasikhe|Prince Stiloit Tasikhe]] of [[Carthak]] drowned in a storm while working for the Western Navy
* August/ September - [[Nealan of Queenscove]] is born to [[Baird of Queenscove|Duke Baird]] and [[Wilina of Queenscove|Duchess Wilina of Queenscove]]<ref name="TASGtime275" />
* August/ September - [[Nealan of Queenscove]] is born to [[Baird of Queenscove|Duke Baird]] and [[Wilina of Queenscove|Duchess Wilina of Queenscove]]<ref name="TASGtime275" />
* All Hallow - Thom steals Alanna's power and uses it to resurrect [[Roger of Conté|Duke Roger of Conté]] (Add reference - WWRLAM)
* All Hallow - Thom steals Alanna's power and uses it to resurrect [[Roger of Conté|Duke Roger of Conté]] (Add reference - WWRLAM)

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This timeline attempts to list all known, relevant, events that have occurred in the Tortallan Universe, by date. The information is taken from the novels and the companion guide and supplemented with information provided by Tamora Pierce in interviews and online.

Early History BHE (AE)

For a complete list of rulers and their contributions to Tortall, please see the Succession of Tortallan Monarchs.

609 AE

  • Prior to this date, Romnan of the Many Heirs split his Northern Empire into three smaller empires for his sons: the Eastern Empire, the Southern Empire, and the Floating Empire[1]
  • Asaron I of Rethaward became Emperor of the Eastern Empire[1]

780 - 795 AE

788 AE

  • Choking of the Drell; a massive earthquake destroyed the capital of the Eastern Empire that sat on the River Drell, raising the land and creating a waterfall and lake[3]

795 AE

  • King Newlin I of Conté founded the sovereign nation of Tortall, created the Book of Gold, and founded the College of Heralds[3][4]

836 AE

900 AE (01 Modern Human Era)

1st Century HE

75 - 77 HE

82 - 125 HE

  • Tyrant Wars; Giamo conquered parts of northeastern Tortall and northern Maren[6]

91 HE

  • Parrac the Quiet inherited the throne of the Gallan Empire; the empire began to fall apart shortly after as his rivals fought for the land the Giamo conquered[6]
  • Miache Waterborn stole the Dominion Jewel[6]
  • Miache and Zefrem the Bear helped found the Tyran Council of Seven[6]

2nd Century HE

101 HE

125 HE

  • Treaty of the Falls at the end of the last Gallan war; signed by the kings of Maren, Tortall, and Galla[7]

127 HE

143 HE

  • Padraig of haMinch ends term as Lord Provost[8][9]

174 HE

181 HE

  • June - Final battle of the Plain of Sorrows; 1/3 of the Kyrpish warriors were women[4]
  • Queen Dilsubai of the Copper Isles is betrayed to the white invaders and slain[12]
  • Midsummer's Day - Rittevon is crowned ruler of the Copper Isles[4][11]

187 HE

200 HE

3rd Century HE

204 HE

230 HE

238 HE

243 HE

246 HE

247 HE

249 HE

4th Century HE

312 HE

378 HE

5th Century HE

400 - 429 HE

401 HE

405 HE

409 HE

413 HE

415 HE

416 HE

418 HE

419 HE

424 HE

428 HE

430 - 439 HE

430 HE

Start of Alanna: The First Adventure

431 HE

432 HE

433 HE

End of Alanna: The First Adventure

434 HE

Start of In the Hand of the Goddess

435 HE

Start of Tempests and Slaughter

436 HE

437 HE

438 HE

End of In the Hand of the Goddess

Start of The Woman Who Rides Like a Man

439 HE

End of The Woman Who Rides Like a Man

Start of Lioness Rampant

End of Lioness Rampant

End of Tempests and Slaughter

440 - 449 HE

440 HE

(July: First anniversary of Jonathan's coronation celebrated with a royal progress throughout Tortall - can't find a reference for this piece of info in any of the novels - input welcome)

441 HE

442 HE

- Ozorne Muhassin Tasikhe is crowned Emperor of Carthak. A prophecy is made that hyenas will lead his doom to him.

443 HE

- Arram Draper flees Carthak and his former friend, Emperor Ozorne, leaving behind his lover, Varice Kingsford. He changes his name to Numair Salmalin, and works as a street magician in Tortall.

444 HE

445 HE

446 HE

- Conal of Mindelan dangles his four-year-old sister Keladry over a tower balcony, inspiring her fear of heights.

- Kaddar's father, a Zallaran prince, dies putting down a rebellion in Siraj.

- Approximate birth year of Fianola. [Squire, Ch. 15]

447 HE

- Drought and famine begin in Carthak, continuing through the end of Ozorne's reign.

- Lady Ilane of Mindelan holds off Scanran pirates, using a glaive. The incident makes a huge impression on her five-year-old daughter Keladry, and results in a treaty between the Yamani Islands and Tortall.

- A page commits suicide by jumping off the tower called Balor's Needle, after failing his examinations.

- Thayet ruins her pink tissue dress riding to the aid of the Fifth Rider Group.

448 HE

- Rumors of Immortals begin to circulate throughout the Eastern lands.

- Winter: Food riots in Carthak.

- Approximate birth year of Yvenne. [Squire, Ch. 15]

449 HE

Start of Wild Magic

End of Wild Magic

- Late January to February: Daine's family are killed by raiders. Daine joins a wolf pack and seeks revenge. Villagers from Snowsdale hunt her down. Daine and Cloud head south. Daine turns 13.

- Spring: Snowsdale hunters drive the wolf pack from their home, killing several pack members, including all of the pups.

- April: Daine and Onua encounter immortals, a hawk-shaped Numair, and Alanna on the road. They arrive in Corus, and Onua offers Daine a permanent position as her assistant. Stormwings openly attack the capital, but are repelled thanks to Daine's early warning. Daine becomes Numair's student and begins to learn about wild magic.

- September: Kitten eats a box of myrrh and burps smoke for a week.

- Autumn: Snowsdale wolf pack arrives at Long Lake. An earthquake exposes a vein of opal in the hills near Dunlath.

450 - 459 HE

450 HE

Start of Wolf-Speaker

End of Wolf-Speaker

- Spring: Dunlath men begin deforesting and mining the area around Long Lake.

- July: Twenty Tortallan soldiers vanish in the Long Lake area.

- August: Brokefang sends Fleetfoot and Russet to find Daine.

- Mid September to Early October: [start of WOLF SPEAKER] While investigating the disappearance of the Riders and soldiers, Daine and Numair -- with the help of Daine's wolf pack and other animals, immortals, and humans -- uncover and put down a plot by Yolane of Dunlath to seize the throne of Tortall. Daine learns to transform entirely into an animal. The mage Tristan Staghorn is transformed into a tree by Numair. Elsewhere in the world, a tree becomes a man named Qiom.

- Late October: Daine and Numair leave Dunlath in the capable hands of ten-year-old Maura, Yolane's half-sister, and her advisors -- human, animal, and immortal -- after Yolane is convicted of high treason. [end of WOLF SPEAKER]

- Midwinter: Numair gives Daine sapphire earrings.

- Approximate birth year of Tobeis Boon in the village of Queensgrace. [Lady Knight, Ch. 2]

451 HE

Start of Emperor Mage[37]

End of Emperor Mage

- Winter: Daine transforms into a deer and is mistakenly chased by royal huntsmen.

- Spring: On a hunt for killer unicorns, Daine is cornered by bandits and transforms into a goose. A barbed arrow almost results in her losing an arm. Emperor Ozorne claims to capture, try, and execute the "renegade" mages who opened the magical barrier between the human and Divine Realms. 

- Autumn: [start of EMPEROR MAGE] A Tortallan delegation, including Daine, Numair, and Alanna, visits Carthak for peace negotiations. Talks break down as portents of disaster occur and it becomes clear that the gods are displeased with Emperor Ozorne. The Graveyard Hag, Carthak's patron goddess, temporarily imbues Daine with the ability to bring the dead to life. When Ozorne supposedly captures and executes Numair (in truth, a simulacrum), Daine brings an army of dinosaur skeletons to life and goes on a rampage. Ozorne transforms into a stormwing, forfeiting his kingdom and his human magic, and escapes. Carthak's five year drought comes to an end when Kaddar, Ozorne's nephew, pleads with the Graveyard Hag to give Carthak another chance. A peace treaty between Tortall and Carthak is signed. [end of EMPEROR MAGE] Kaddar is crowned Emperor of Carthak.

- Midwinter: Uusoae, the Queen of Chaos, begins her campaign against the Great Gods, throwing the human and Divine realms into turmoil. The barrier between realms evaporates. Numair realises his attraction to Daine. Daine begins a casual romance with Perin the clerk. An unnamed squire goes mad in the Chamber of the Ordeal. He drowns himself five months later.

452 HE

Start of The Realms of the Gods

End of The Realms of the Gods

Start of First Test[38]

- January: Ozorne creates the darkings using Stormwing blood magic. Daine falls ill with unicorn fever.

- Late March: An alliance of Copper Islanders, Carthaki rebels, Scanran raiders, and immortals, led by the former Emperor Ozorne and the mage Inar Hadensra, strike Tortall suddenly in a hundred different places, marking the official start of the Immortals War.

- April: Nealan of Queenscove quits healer training at Tortall's university to begin training for knighthood. Raoul is elevated to the peerage, becoming Sir Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie's Peak. Edmund of Rosemark is late for his 4th year page exams. Lord Wyldon decrees he must repeat all four years, but Edmund refuses and goes home.

- Mid June to Early July: Wyldon of Cavall heroically saves Princes Liam and Jasson and Princess Lianne. Anders of Mindelan is wounded in battle. [start of REALMS OF THE GODS] While war with Scanra, the Copper Isles, and Carthaki raiders, led by Ozorne and the mage Inar Hadensra, rages in Tortall, Daine and Numair are pulled into the Divine Realms by Daine's parents. There, the Great Gods are battling Uusoae, the Queen of Chaos, to keep her from swallowing the mortal and Divine realms. Daine and Numair travel to the Dragonlands to find a way home, beginning a love affair on the way. Returning to Tortall, Daine at last slays the Stormwing Ozorne, bringing about the end of the war. Numair kills Inar Hadensra. The Stormwing Rikash is killed in battle. The Great Gods imprison Uusoae in the Chaos Realm. Numair proposes to Daine, and she tells him maybe someday. [end of REALMS OF THE GODS and the IMMORTALS quartet]

453 HE

End of First Test[39]

Start of Page

- Spring: Kel's fear of heights becomes public knowledge when she is forced to run along the top of the castle wall as a training exercise. Her jousting vastly improves due to her training with a weighted lance. Kel and her fellow pages successfully pass the spring page examinations.

- Summer: Pages spend two months at their summer camp. Lord Wyldon tries to force Kel to overcome her fear of heights with daily tree-climbing. Kel turns 11. The pages join a company of the King's Own to hunt down a nest of spidrens. During the fight, Kel assumes command of the pages, successfully fending off and killing a few of the monsters. Back at the palace, Lord Wyldon tells Kel she may return the following year, though he hopes she will choose not to. Pages return home for the remainder of the summer. [end of FIRST TEST] An earthquake in the Yamani Islands causes the death of Imperial Princess Chisakami, who was betrothed to Prince Roald.

- Autumn: 17-year-old Adalia and 16-year-old Oraine of Mindelan are presented at court.

- September to October: [start of PAGE] Kel begins her first official year of page training. She acquires a dog named Jump and a traumatized serving girl named Lalasa. Joren and his friends add sexually charged insults to their campaign against Kel, in the hopes of getting her dismissed for being a distraction. A massive brawl erupts among the pages and damages the stables. Most of the punishments Wyldon assigns Kel now involve high places.

- November: Kel discovers that her breasts are beginning to grow. When a servant harrasses Lalasa, Kel insists on teaching the maid self-defence techniques.

- Late Autumn: Baron Piers and Lady Ilane of Mindelan's return to the Yamani Islands is cancelled. They stay on in Corus to work with the new ambassador in devising a new marriage treaty for Prince Roald.

- Midwinter: Kel develops a crush on Neal. While serving at the Midwinter banquets, Joren and his friends play numerous tricks to make Kel's friends look bad, resulting in extra punishment lessons. The other pages back Kel when she orders Joren to stop. Neal develops a crush on Unline of Hannalof. Kel receives another gift from her mysterious benefactor.

454 HE

- Winter: Pages serenade Neal to tease him for his unrequited crush on Uline of Hannalof.

- April: Kel's feelings for Neal continue to grow. She and Lalasa talk about love and crushes. On the day of her page exams, Kel inconveniently starts her first period. Cleon, Roald, Joren, Vinson, Garvey, and Zahir all pass their fourth year page exams and are made squires.

- May: New squires begin to leave the palace with their knight masters. Prince Roald is made squire to Lord Imrah of Legann. Cleon is chosen by Kel's brother, Sir Inness of Mindelan. Joren leaves with Sir Paxton of Nond. Zahir is made squire to King Jonathan.

- June: During the pages' summer training camp, Kel assumes command when she and a group of her friends encounter a party of bandits (Kel's 12th birthday).

- Summer: Uline of Hannalof joins the ranks of Queen Thayet's elite group of Royal Ladies.

- September: Kel spends time with her parents. Lady Ilane offers to get her daughter a birth control charm.

- Late September/Early October: Page training begins, with new lessons on tactics for the older pages. King Jonathan praises Kel for her quick thinking against the bandits.

- October: Uline of Hannalof breaks her arm in the course of her duties as one of the Royal Ladies.

- Late October: The older pages are assigned more advanced lessons in group fighting, archery, and tilting. Lalasa takes on sewing commissions from Kel's sisters. Raoul compliments Kel on her anti-hazing work. Cleon returns with more-than-friendly feelings towards Kel.

- November: Joren returns, claiming to have turned over a new leaf. Iden and Warric ask Kel for help with staff fighting practice.

- Midwinter: Uline of Hannalof and Kieran haMinch announce their betrothal. Kel recieves another gift from her mysterious benefactor.

- Sometime This Year: Blayce Younger of Galla, a student mage, is expelled from the mage school in the City of the Gods for practicing necromancy.

455 HE

- January: Kel vows to challenge her fear of heights daily with climbing and mapping exercises. Lord Wyldon starts Kel tilting at rings. Senior pages begin learning street fighting tactics.

- February: Kel's page group, under her leadership, beats a larger group of pages in a tactical fighting exercise. Lord Wyldon reluctantly praises her for the first time.

- March: Joren concern-trolls Kel about her fear of heights and her marriage prospects. Vinson assaults Lalasa. Kel threatens to take him before the Court of the Goddess.

- April: Cleon gives Kel an awkward hug before he leaves Corus again. Kel and her friends pass their exams. Faleron and Yancen are made squires.

- June: Kel turns 13. A deputation from Dunlath, including 15-year-old Lady Maura, visits the pages' summer camp.

- Summer: Kel spends time with her with her family at their Corus townhouse and in Port Caynn.

- September: Kel begins her fourth year of page training. Lalasa receives numerous sewing commissions.

- November: On an overnight camping trip in the Royal Forest, the pages stage a mock battle. The defending forces, under Kel's command, win the day.

- Midwinter: Kel receives a longsword from her mysterious benefactor. Adalia of Mindelan marries the younger brother of the heir to Nond.

- Late in the year: Uline of Hannalof marries Kieran haMinch.

- Lerant of Eldorne takes an arrow meant for Raoul, fighting bandits in the Tusaine hills.

456 HE

End of Page

Start of Squire

- Late March: Nobles begin arriving at the palace for the bi-annual congress to decide on new laws for Tortall. Cleon and Roald return.

- April: Kel is forced to miss her senior page examinations and face her fear of heights to rescue a kidnapped Lalasa and Jump from the top of Balor's Needle. A special ruling allows Kel to take her exams two days later. Kel passes her exams and is made a squire, receiving the personal congratulations of Lord Wyldon and ownership of the warhorse Peachblossom from her mysterious benefactor. [end of PAGE] Ogres invade Tortall over the Tusaine border, and are driven back by Raoul and the King's Own.

- Spring: Great Congress of Tortall's nobles takes place at Corus.

- June: Kel becomes Sir Raoul's squire, and moves into rooms adjacent to his with 3rd Company of the King's Own. Raoul gives her permission to use her glaive.

- June - July: Kel rides out with 3rd Company to hunt down a group of murderous human and centaur bandits. They trap the bandits at the village of Owlshollow, where Kel kills a centaur and rescues a baby griffin, which she is forced to take custody of.

- Autumn: Kel and 3rd Company return to Corus. Raoul begins training Kel in the logistics of command and tilting against an armed opponent.

- November: Kel discovers she is over her crush on Neal, but Cleon's crush on Kel continues unabated. Kel begins daily glaive practice with the Yamani ladies, her own mother, and Queen Thayet. 

- December: 3rd Company are called away to deal with rebels and a forest fire, but are recalled to Corus when the orchestrator or Lalasa's kidnapping, revealed to be Joren of Stone Mountain, is put on trial for his crime. He confesses arrogantly and is convicted, but is only required to pay a fine in recompense for his actions. Outraged, Kel requests a private audience with the king and queen, who agree with her that the law is bad, and promise to work to change it.

- Midwinter: Kel plays matchmaker, getting Roald and Shinkokami to relax and talk to each other.

457 HE

- After Midwinter: Kel visits the Chapel of the Ordeal and has a nightmarish vision of her friends being culled by Joren.

- Early Autumn: Kel meets Alanna for the first time. Kel challenges Sir Ansil of Groten to a joust for insulting Raoul. Cleon kisses Kel, prompting talks with Raoul and Lady Ilane. Kel beats Ansil, forcing him to apologise, which he does with bad grace. Kel receives several more challenges, including one from Sir Voelden of Tirrsmont, who tries to kill her. She wins several jousts, meanwhile carrying on a discreet romance with Cleon. The griffin's parents come to reclaim their offspring, with thanks.

- December: The Royal Progress returns to Corus. Raoul and Buri begin a love affair.

458 HE

- January: The Royal Progress sets out again, heading south into the desert. Kel refuses challenges to joust, and continues her secret romance with Cleon.

- Spring: Kel gets a birth control charm, just in case, and learns that Cleon's intentions towards her are serious, even though he is currently promised elsewhere. Kel tilts against Wyldon again, and managed to stay in her saddle. She meets three young girls who want to be pages.

- June: Word reaches the Progress of heavy raiding along the Scanran border. 3rd company are assigned to protect Jonathan and Thayet's party, while other troops are dispatched north.

- September: Lachran of Mindelan, son of Anders, begins page training.

- Late October: Kel visits the Chapel of the Ordeal and has a vision of Cleon dying.

459 HE

End of Squire

- February: Myles reports than nine Scanran clans have joined to form a formidable army. First reports of "metal beasts and walking stones"

- Summer: 3rd company take part in a number of small skirmishes, resulting in light casualties. Kel suffers a minor head injury.

- August: A large Scanran war band attacks a supply caravan. Kel, Raoul, and five squads of 3rd company ride to the rescue. Raoul gives Kel the command when Dom is wounded. A giant, metal killing device attacks them, and Kel kills it following a fierce battle. The device speaks with the voice of a child.

- October: Scanrans attack the village of Goatstrack, killing 37, including the husband and daughters of Fanche Weir. Fanche manages to save 58 villagers.

- Midwinter: The Chamber deems Kel worthy, and gives her a mission to find the creator of the Scanran killing devices.

460 - 469 HE

460 HE

Start of Lady Knight

End of Lady Knight

- Winter: A hard winter makes travel to the north impossible. Neal and Yukimi are betrothed.

- April: Cleon returns home to marry Ermelian of Aminar. General Vanget defeats 3,000 Scanrans in battle on the Vassa plain.

461 HE

Start of Trickster's Choice

  • March - Alianne of Pirate's Swoop returns from a month-long visit with her grandparents in Corus[46]
  • April - Aly and her mother, Alanna, fight over Aly's design to work in the field as a spy[46]
  • Aly sets sail for Port Legann and is captured by pirates[46]
  • Aly is sold as a slave to the Balitang family at a sale in Rajmuat, Copper Isles[46]
  • Prince Bronau informs the Balitang family that they have lost favor with King Oron and are in exile[46]
  • Kyprioth, the Trickster, poses as Mithros to convince Duke Mequen and Duchess Winnamine to keep Aly with their family during exile[47]
  • Aly makes a bet with Kyprioth to keep the Balitang children safe through the Autumn Equinox; if she succeeds, Kyrpioth will talk her father into letting her work as a field spy[47]
  • Balitang party roots out bandits en route to their new home; daughters Saraiyu and Dovasary prevent the bandits' execution, favoring blood oaths of fealty instead[47]
  • Kyprioth informs Aly that she is to learn crow language, taught primarily by a young crow named Nawat, who also has a wager with Kyprioth[47]
  • Aly discovers that a spy is watching the Crown[47]
  • May - Daine gives birth to her daughter, Sarralyn Salmalín[47]
  • Frasrlund, on the border with Scanra, has been under siege and is in stalemate with each nation occupying a bank of the river[47]
  • King Jonathan tells Alanna that Alianne is missing[47]
  • Nawat assumes human form to better help Aly[47]
  • Prince Bronau visits Tanair Castle[47]
  • Aly is revealed to the raka protectors of Sarai and Dove as Kyprioth's chosen one[47]
  • Aly informs that Balitangs of Prince Bronau's risky behavior[47]
  • Junai Dodeka is chosen as Aly's guard[47]
  • Prince Bronau and the Balitangs visit the village of Pohon; Aly seeks out its mage[47]
  • June 22 (Midsummer) - Daine and Numair's daughter has her naming ceremony[47]
  • June/ July - Assassins come to Tanair[47]
    • Duchess Winnamine allows Sarai and Dove to continue weapons training and starts training herself[47]
    • Prince Bronau proposes to Lady Sarai[47]
  • King Oron dies shortly after naming his son Hazarin as his successor[48]
  • Prince Bronau leaves for Hazarin's coronation[48]
  • Ochobu Dodeka comes to Tanair to protect Sarugani's heirs[48]
  • Diplomats from Scanra head to Corus to negotiate peace[48]
  • Baron George leaves Pirate's Swoop and heads to Rajmuat to find his daughter[48]
  • King Hazarin dies and the toddler, Prince Dunevon, is crowned king[48]
  • Prince Bronau attempts to kidnap Dunevon and is charged with high treason[48]
  • Aly defends Kyprioth before Mithos and the Goddess[48]
  • Prince Bronau flees the capital and heads to Tanair where fighting has started[48]
  • Crows take human form to defend the Balitang family[48]
  • Prince Rubinyan comes to Tanair to collect his brother; after learning of Bronau's and Mequen's deaths, he asks the Balitangs to return to Rajmuat[48]
  • George arrives at Tanair Castle in search of Aly[48]
  • Autumn/ Winter - Prince Rubinyan tells Duchess Winnamine that there will be no more unnecessary executions[48]
  • Princess Imajane declares that full mourning regalia is "disrespectful to the Black God" and only a discreet black armband or black embroidery is appropriate for the mourning of King Oron, King Hazarin, and Duke Mequen[48]
  • Aly and the raka start seriously planning a rebellion to but Lady Saraiyu on the throne[48]
  • Lady Dove pieces together the raka conspiracy[48]

End of Trickster's Choice

462 HE

  • Twenty-Third year of the reign of King Jonathan IV and Queen Thayet of Tortall
  • Winter - Raka continue preparing for revolution in the Copper Isles[48]
  • Tax collectors vanish from their beds, properties are damaged, and nobles and overseers are murdered[48]
  • Lady Saraiyu refuses to continue sword training[48]
  • Aly builds a cadre of spies and earns the nickname duani, meaning "boss lady"[49]
  • Spring/ Summer - Aly sends spies to Rajmuat three weeks before the Balitangs leave Tanair[49]
  • Balitang family relocated to Rajmuat with Mequen's Aunt Nuritin[49]
  • Nawat reveals that Kyprioth's wager with the crows was with all crows of the Copper Isles, not just those at Tanair[49]
  • Dove is let in on the secret of the planned rebellion, and advises the group not to tell Sarai or Duchess Winnamine; Dove doesn't want the duchess to force Elsren to take a blood oath leaving the way for Sarai to take the crown[49]
  • Aly is questioned by Duke Lohearn Mantawu while the Balitangs go to court to meet the regents for the young king[49]
  • Tkaa reveals himself at court and gives Aly messages from home[49]
  • Sarai meets Lord Zaimid Hetnim, the youngest ever head of the Carthaki Imperial University Healers' Wing and friend and cousin to Emperor Kaddar[49]
  • At Nawat's request, Ulasim sends him and other crows to aid distant fighters[49]
  • Scanran War with Tortall ends[49]
  • Alan of Pirate's Swoop becomes squire to Lord Raoul[49]
  • Princess Shinkokami is pregnant with her daughter, Lianokami[49]
  • Daine is pregnant with her second child, Rikash, and sends darkings to Aly to help her spy[49]
  • Tortallan spymaster sends funds to the Copper Isles to support the raka rebellion[49]
  • A riot breaks out in the street of Rajmuat; Sarai struggles to help, but Aly and Dove do not permit her to do so[49]
  • Zaimid heals the raka who are injured in the riot[49]
  • Dockmarket is magically blown up and a fire breaks out that destroys the ships at the dock[50]
  • Imajane and Rubinyan host an eclipse party, reinterpreting standard religion/ mythology to make it fashionable[50]
  • Aly's spies release political prisoners from the Kanodang Fortress as more riots break out in Rajmuat[50]
  • Imajane and Rubinyan offer a marriage contract between King Dunevon and Lady Sarai[50]
  • Graveyard Hag prevents Aly from stopping Sarai running away with Zaimid[50]
  • Kyprioth is furious with Aly for letting Sarai get away, but she reminds him that Dove is still available from the crown and is better suited for a queen's work[50]
  • For three days, all raka businesses and households close down[50]
  • Royal governors of Imahyn and Kerykun Islands are murdered[50]
  • Imajane and Rubinyan offer a marriage contract between King Dunevon and Lady Dove[50]
  • Aly has the army and navy food supplies sabotaged so the regents will press the merchants for food at a lower cost and make enemies of them[50]
  • King Dunevon, Duke Elsren, and three other young boys are lost at sea in a magical storm on the king's birthday[50]
  • Nawat returns home from his mission to a joyful reunion with Aly[50]
  • Week after Dunevon's death - Regents impose martial law on Rajmuat[50]
  • Duchess Winnamine and Aunt Nuritin demand to become part of the conspiracy[50]
  • Duke Nomru and Imgehai Qeshi join the conspiracy[50]
  • Tortall and Carthak put the Copper Isles under a trading ban until the king's murder is found[50]
  • Tyra contemplates putting the Copper Isles under a trading ban as well[50]
  • August - A riot breaks out in Rittevon Square when assassins try to kill Dove[50]
    • During the riot, Aly and the raka sneak into the palace[50]
    • Dove circles above the riot on a kudarung stallion, as a symbol for those who fight in her name[51]
  • End of August - only the island of Ikang, and parts of the islands of Malubesang and Lombyn resist Dove's rule[51]
  • Kyprioth regains his throne as god of the Copper Isles while Mithros and the Goddess look for their shields that he has hidden[51]
  • September - Dove requests that Aly stay on as her spymaster[51]
  • Winnaming and Dove receive a letter from Sarai; she is married, and pregnant, and planning to visist as soon as she is able[51]
  • Sarai and Zaimid plan to name their child Mequen if it is a boy[51]
  • Aly finally tells Dove, Chenaol, Fesgao, and Winnamine the truth about her origins[51]
  • October - Delegation from Tortall arrives in the Isles for the official "Season", in preparation of Dove's Midwinter coronation[51]
  • December - Dove is crowned Queen of the Copper Isles the day after the last day of Midwinter[51]

463 HE

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