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This timeline tries to give an overview over the events in the Circle Books. So far it only includes detailed dates for the first four novels, The Circle of Magic.

Before 1035 K.F.

  • 1034 K.F.
    • Late summer/fall:
    • End of Blood Moon/beginning of Snow Moon
      • Niko finds Sandry in the storeroom and she needs several weeks to recover from her ordeal[11]
    • End of Hearth Moon/beginning of Wolf Moon
      • Moonsday - First day Sandry reengaged with the world after her parents died, due to the lack of looms beating the day before. In the Hataran king's palace.[12]

1035 K.F.

    • 20th/21st of Carp Moon - spring equinox; In the two months between the equinox and the children's arrival at Discipline, six earthquakes hit Winding Circle[15]
  • Late in Carp Moon/early in Seed Moon - Niko arrives at Winding Circle with Tris and has a vision of Third Ship Kisubo's sinking in a storm[16]
  • Some time in Seed Moon:
  • Goose Moon
    • Early in the month
      • Daja arrives at Winding Circle and meets Sandry for the first time[14][17]
      • Niko has a vision of a plant mage, Briar
      • Briar is arrested for the third time
      • Niko attends Briar's trial and gets him released
    • Middle of the month - Tris has an argument with Dedicate Staghorn which is interrupted by an earthquake[18]
    • 16th - Briar arrives at the boy's dormitories of Winding Circle[19]
    • 17th
      • Daja is assaulted by several other children 
      • Moonstream decides that she should better live at Discipline cottage[17]
    • 18th
      • Morning - Daja arrives at Discipline cottage;
      • Evening/Night - Briar is accused of stealing and found innocent, however he is banned from the dormitories for possessing knives
    • 19th
      • Briar arrived at Discipline Cottage[20]
      • Sandry and Tris arrived at Discipline cottage[21]
      • Daja met Frostpine and Kirel
      • Lark took Sandry on as her student
      • Tris had her first meditation lesson with Niko
    • 20th of Goose Moon
      • Niko holds the meditation lesson for all four children in the Hub
      • Briar and Tris first climb onto the roof of Discipline cottage
      • Rosethorn allows Briar to help her work in her garden and thus takes him on as her student[21]
      • Frostpine takes Daja on as his student
      • Daja asks Lark for plain clothes and scarlet mourning headbands and armbands
    • 21st of Goose Moon - Briar steals the shakkan from Dedicate Crane's greenhouse
    • 22nd of Goose Moon - inhabitants of Discipline go to Summersea for market day
      • Sandry, Briar and Daja get into a fight with local boys when they attempt to rescue a puppy
      • Tris creates a water spout which does great damage to the market place
      • Briar and Tris learn that Duke Vedris is Sandry's great-uncle
      • The children are allowed to keep the puppy they rescued, whom they name Little Bear
      • All of them learn that they were sent to Discipline because they had magic
  • Willow Moon/Goose Moon - Lark teaches all of them how to do handstands[22]
  • Hawthorn Moon/Rose Moon - Rosethorn teaches them how to make a lotion to prevent sunburn[22]
  • Rose Moon
    • 20th - Tris experiments with the tides[23]
    • 22nd - Niko is being called away from their daily meditation practice to attempt interpreting omens seen in the Hub[25]
  • Mead Moon
    • Early in the month - The children see messenger birds and riders leave Winding Circle
    • Two days later- Niko tells them of an expected earthquake that is supposed to hit Ragat and her neighbour Pajun
    • The next day[26] morning - the earthquake is supposed to hit Ragat Island[27]
    • Some time after the earthquake - Tris begins teaching Briar how to read[28]
    • Day after the towers' explosion
      • Morning - Tris and Niko visit the Bit Island watchtower ruins; Tris finds Shriek
      • Sandry and Lark work on bandages in the Earth temple loomhouses
      • Daja, Frostpine and Kirel search for the pieces of the spell net; Daja notices the hidden ship
      • Afternoon - Tris begins caring for Shriek
      • Aymery Glassfire arrives at Discipline with a message for Niko and is recognized by Tris as her cousin
    • The following day
      • Night - Tris is out on the wall and notices a stormlike structure which isn't a real storm at all
      • Morning - Daja and Frostpine are out in the harbor to strengthen the harbor chain
      • Evening - Aymery stays at Discipline
      • Night - pirates try to get through the north gate with Aymery's help and Aymery is killed
    • The next morning: The four mages are on the wall surrounding Winding Circle and attack the pirate fleet themselves[31]
  • Two weeks before the arrival at Gold Ridge: the Duke's company left from Summersea[32]
    • Probably Barley Moon[33]
      • Duke Vedris visits Gold Ridge Valley in northern Emelan 
      • The company stays there for approximately for one and a half month until returning to Summersea only a few days before the first snow was predicted to fall in Gold Ridge (the decision to return was made on the fifth day before the predicted snow)

1036 K.F.

  • Sap Moon
    • 5th
    • 6th, early morning - two derelicts, Yuvosh and Orji, were found with the blue pox on Mummer's Close and brought to Urda's House, where Briar and Rosethorn cared for them[35]
    • 8th
      • Early morning- five more victims were brought into Urda's House and Dedicate Henna arrived to help[36]
      • At this time thirteen dead were found and sixty-five cases of infected people known, although Henna suspected more sick people to be hiding. The sick were found in North Mire, near the city wall[37]
      • Duke Vedris initiated a house-to-house search of the Mire and the city guards were ordered to prevent any residents of the Mire from entering the city walls[38]
      • Late afternoon - Urda's House was declared a "pesthouse", which enabled the healers and apprentices to move through the whole building[39]
      • Jokubas Atwater's daughter brought ten more sick to Briar and Rosethorn's floor in Urda's House
      • Sick people from East District were brought to Urda's House[40]
    • 9th
      • Early morning - The first victims of the blue pox were found withing the city walls, on Cobbler's Lane[41] Ten vicitims were found in Fountain Square, seven in Emerald Triangle[40]
      • After breakfast - a meeting of all the healers in Urda's House took place[42]
      • Noon - every bed in Urda's House was filled and pallets were laid in the broad aisles[43]
      • Rosethorn and Briar refreshed the old medicine stores of Urda's House, because all the new medicines Rosethorn had brought in the past months had been stolen[44]
      • Afternoon - On Briar's request Tris brought plants to Urda's House
      • The Water Temple in Summersea opened its normal hospital wards to take in the people infected with the blue pox[40]
      • The temple hospital soon filled up and a hospital camp was set up uphill of the Mire and a pit for burning the dead was dug on Bit Island[45]
    • 10th
      • Night - Flick died after 3:30 in the morning[46]
      • Morning - The detection oil found by Crane was put to use in Summersea
      • Briar and Rosethorn returned to Winding Circle[47]
    • 11th
      • Briar and Rosethorn started working on the cure with Crane[48]
      • Tris discovered the blue pox has a magical origin [49]
    • 12th - Rosethorn had blue pox essence spilled on her[50]
    • 13th - Rosethorn tested positive for blue pox[51]
    • 16th - First Winding Circle resident dies, Henna[52]
    • 17th - Rosethorn started showing spots[53]
    • 19th - Cranes team began formulating cures[54]
    • 23rd - Cure is tested on Rosethorn[55]
    • 28th
      • Cures starts being mass produced by the Water Temple[56]
      • Rosethorn dies and is brought back by Briar, Sandry, Tris and Daja[57]
  • Goose Moon:
    • 19th - Briar chose the 20th of Goose Moon as his birthday

1038 K.F.

1039 K.F.

  • Spring
    • Rosethorn suggested traveling to Briar[59]
    • Daja, Briar and Tris went on travels with their teachers
  • Wort Moon
    • Daja and Frostpine arrive in Namorn[60]
  • Mead Moon - Duke Vedris suffered a heart-attack.
  • Barley Moon
  • Snow Moon
  • Autumn - Briar and Rosethorn visited Chammur
  • Hearth Moon
    • 14th - Ben is burned for his crimes in Kugisko[64]

1041 - 1042 K.F.

  • Blood Moon (of 1041)
    • 18th — Daja learns she cannot move back into Discipline as she has no intention of becoming a dedicate.
    • 26th — Sandry visits the new house on Cheeseman St. Daja and Sandry fight about reopening the bond garnered from the thread circle.[65]
  • Rose Moon (of 1042)
    • Tris returns to Emelan, and moves in to Daja's house.[65]

1043 K.F.

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