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Three Rivers Province map

Map of Three Rivers Province from Mastiff

The Three Rivers Province is a province in Tortall. It is thus named because it is made up of the River Tellerun, the Halseander River, and the Banas River. The latter two rivers branch off from the Tellerun and form their own tributaries. The land between the Halseander and the Banas is marshland known as War Gorge Marsh[1].

Fiefs and towns

The province is where many notable fiefs and townships are located.

Roads and streets

The Three Rivers Province is a high-traffic area in the mid-northern part of Tortall.

  • The Great Road North goes up through the Province on its eastern side, touching upon Queensgrace of Fief Princehold and Babet.
  • The Galla Highway starts off the Great Road North.
  • The Rivers Road North meanders up the River Tellerun to the city of Arenaver, and a bit further, where it turns east and becomes the Rivers Road East until it touches the Great Road, thus turning into the Galla Highway.
  • The Frasrlund Road also reaches the Province. Travelers can turn onto the road from the Great Road, thus presumably continuing on to the fortified town of Frasrlund on the Scanran border.
  • The Normen Road bisects the Frasrlund Road from its start in the Province. It is unknown how far it goes, but presumably not as far as the Great Road North.
  • The Freedman Road cuts through the Frasrlund and Normen roads to connect them to the Great Road.
  • Lucystrat Road connects Fief Halleburn with the Frasrlund Road.


The province is the main setting of Mastiff, the third and final installment of the Provost's Dog trilogy. It is where Gareth of Conté is taken after he is kidnapped and is where the Hunt took place. A major battle took place after Farmer Cape used his considerable magical power to warn Cassine Catfoot of the danger. The Earl of King's Reach at that time led the army loyal the the Crown. Several other families lent men and support to the effort in taking Halleburn Castle, including Hannalof.

In the 400s HE, Keladry of Mindelan and company stop in the village of Queensgrace before continuing on to the Scanran border. Although the province is not named, Queensgrace is located in the Three Rivers Province, and is likely a village of Fief Princehold, however no members of the Princehold family appear in the 5th century.


Legend has it that the rivers formed because Merscart of the Green, the local god of the marsh, married two other goddesses, Halseander and Banas. "All three twine together where they meet in water and green."[2].

Pounce mentioned that three thousand years prior to this, the land was taken up by the Ysandir, frightening creatures that feasted on human souls. There was a large war between the Ianto clan of the Ysandir and the Searflame clan, of the dragons. They cut deep trenches in the land and tore huge boulders from it to throw at each other. The trenches filled with water from aquifers and that is why the marshland is called War Gorge Marsh[3][4].

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