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Alright, I took out all the rollover images on the Main Page.  I double-checked everything and it appears to be working well, but if either of you notice any glitches, please just let me know. 

As for ideas for revamping the main page... first, I would add some images right at the beginning.  For example, a scrolling box of cover art or something.  People are attracted to visually appealing things, not just walls of text.  I think adding images up front could drive more traffic further into the wiki pages. 

Second, I would take some of the features like "featured article" or "quote" and place them in a side navigation bar.  That way they get more visiblity and will drive people to visit articles they otherwise wouldn't travel to.  I also recommend the side bar because I feel like most people won't scroll down past the primary books/characters, and therefore never even see the other features. 

That's just my two cents!  Thanks for asking my opinion!

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