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    • Welcome, Museumnelson!

      Do you know how to add links into pages that directly link within the wiki instead of typing in the web address?  If not, I can explain how to do it (this is what we expect for article links in our wiki's pages).  I went through the Tortall Timeline and updated all of the ones you added for you.

      Also, we do expect newly added information on this site to be cited with a reference, not only for verification of the information that is added, but so that proper credit is given to the original work.  This is especially important in the two Timeline pages (Tortall and Circle), so that there is a quick way find all of the information in the source material.

      I've previously set up the references in the Timeline with behind-the-scenes reference tags for easy identification in source mode and to keep references organized, since there are A LOT of them in the timeline.  I can help you add new reference tags for the information you've contributed (to keep with the consistency and format of what's already there), or if you would rather, you can send me the referenced chapter/page numbers and I can add in the references for you.

      For now, I have tagged the information you added as needing references - I know it's from the Numair book, but I don't have time at the moment to go searching for the information myself to verify the accuracy of what's been newly added to the timeline.


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    • Hi,
      Sorry I do not know how to add directly link with the wiki links. When I used the rich text editer it would only aloud them to listed as outside links. If you could show me that would be great because I did not see anything that showed it in the help area.
      I saw that you set up references in the Timeline and could not figure out how you did it so I did not want to mess up the ones that you had already done so I left it with the idea of learning how to do it and coming back to fix it. So, if you could show me how to do that as well that would be great.
      Thanks for all the help!

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    • Hello Museumnelson!

      Check out the Manual of Style for citations, and let me know if you have any more questions beyond that.

      I suggest linking in source mode, as then you can use HTML code for wiki. To link to a page: [[Alianne Crow]]
      To use a nickname or an epithet while still linking: [[Alianne Crow|Aly]]
      As you can see, you have to use the exact name (if there isn't a redirect) in the main part of the link, and you can say anything you want in the vertical bar.
      I've been using code for you to see the brackets and the vertical bar as you would write them, but here they are in use:

      Alianne Crow or Aly.

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    • Looks like Mk101 beat me back to it. The way I have the references set up in the Timeline is so that the same reference can be used over and over without having to type out the entire thing each time. You can see that setup in the link Mk provided. I’ve labeled the ref names in the Timeline so that each book has a unique letter abbreviation, and then chapter number or page number afterward, for example “TASGkings227” was used when I wanted to refer to “Tortall: A Spy’s Guide, Succession of Monarchs, Pg 227”. The full citation, with book, chapter/page, publisher, etc, only goes in the first time the citation is used (the earliest it appears on the page). Then the short form is used later to duplicate the reference info and lump all the locations where the same reference is used together in the reference list at the bottom of the page.

      For links, if you’re not using the modes described in Mk’s response, simply click the “edit” button at the top of the page, and then when you highlight a word or phrase or name, you can click the little link symbol at the top of the edit window and type in the name of the page you want to link to. You must have the exact page name or the text will show up red. If you’re unsure about the exact name of a page you’re looking to link to but think it’s on here somewhere, feel free to ask one of us to help you locate it or to create a new page.

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