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Third Ship Kisubo was a Trader ship belonging to the Kisubos. Its captain was Daja Kisubo's mother, who is never named. Other crew members included her husband and children, Uneny, Daja and a younger girl, who was only nine years old when the ship sunk. Daja's aunt Hulweme, whom Daja once described as "mean", was also a member of its crew, as were Daja's cousin Ziba and her grandmother, who was already seventy-three and toothless but still cooked for the crew.[1]

Around Mead Moon of 1034 KF the ship had been anchored in Hajur harbor. They had just planned to set sail when Fifth Ship Kisubo entered port, just having survived a pirate attack.[2]

The ship sank in a late winter storm in early 1035 KF, not long after they'd left Nidra Island[3]. It had been on the sea early to get a fast cargo. The only survivor of this incident was Daja.

Another ship belonging to the kisubo clan is Fifth Ship Kisubo.

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