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Third Company is one of the three companies of the King's Own, and consists of one hundred soldiers, as well as ten other men who serve the Company as servingmen.

Command Structure

Third Company is captained by Flyndan Whiteford. His known sergeants are Sergeant Osbern, Sergeant Domitan of Masbolle, Sergeant Aiden, Sergeant Balim, and Sergeant Volorin. Although Whiteford is the official captain and commander of Third Company, it is mainly commanded by Raoul of Goldenlake, the Knight Commander of the King's Own, when he is available. When not available, Whiteford has full command.

Each sergeant commands a squad of ten men, which include two corporals for each squad and then eight other soldiers. The corporals, presumably, have command over the other men of lower rank in the squad. Qasim ibn Zirhud was a corporal in the Own under Sergeant Volorin.



After a pack of humans and centaurs raided the hamlet of Haresfield located in the Royal Forest of Tortall, Third Company was called to help. They captured the bandits and brought them to the Crown's justice.

The Grand Progress

As the King and the Queen of Tortall wished to present Shinkokami of the Yamani Islands to their people, the royals and nobles went on a Grand Progress to tour the realm and to see what people needed. Third Company was called for ornamental reasons, and to march with the royal progression. Raoul was unhappy about this, as he hated social events. Third Company's participation in the Progress was a power play between Lord Raoul and the King.

At one point in the Progress, Third Company became a necessity and stopped being ornamental. While most of the Progress branched off to go a tiny bit south to the fiefs there, the King, the Queen, a few nobles, Third Company, and a few others went near to the Scanran border, where fighting and skirmishes were happening. The visited villages where they did what they could to help and to ask if they needed anything from down south. They continued quietly, so as not to make the Scanrans aware of the presence of the royals. Vanget haMinch, the General, discovered them and asked them to leave, saying that he could not fight Scanrans if he was preoccupied with protecting the King and Queen as well.

Skirmishes of 459 HE

Before the official declaration of war with Scanra, the Third Company was sent north to counter the raiding parties that besieged the Tortallan borders. Many of them were quick fights, not drawn out nor long. As the Tortallans were known for being the better fighters and strategists, they had the advantage, at least until the arrival of the first killing device made by Blayce the Gallan.

In one skirmish, Kel was placed with Dom's squad under his command. One of his corporals, Derom, had died in the second volley of arrows. As Dom was changing the line, another volley of arrows rained down, and one got him in the thick muscle between his neck and shoulder. He went down and was helped up by another man. Before the death of Derom, Dom's two corporals were Derom and Symric. Raoul left her in charge of Dom's squad as healers saw to him. Her field promotion was challenged by Wolset, one of the other men in Dom's squad. When a killing device appeared, the squad fought it, pinning it to the ground. They killed it, making the child's spirit inside of it dissipate. Kel took the liberty of promoting Wolset to be corporal. This was later ratified by Dom, as he had survived his wound.

The Scanran War

It is presumed that Third Company works with the regular army during most of the war. Some of them do different tasks and it seems that it always does change. Dom's squad was sent north and deep into enemy territory to go searching for and then to help Keladry of Mindelan in her quest to rescue her refugees and kill Blayce the Gallan.

Domitan of Masbolle's two corporals at this time were Wolset and Fulcher. Another man on the squad was Lofren, along with seven others.


Third Company appears in a few books.

  • First Test, when Keladry almost falls from her horse, Peachblossom, when she first tries jousting. The pages under Lord Wyldon also help Third Company and Lord Raoul find a spidren nest.
  • Squire
  • Lady Knight
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