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The Mire was a slum outside of the city walls of Emelan's capital Summersea.[1] It was to the east of the city, north of Temple Road. Nosegay Strut was its main street[2].

The blue pox outbreak started in the Mire and many of its residents found death in the epidemic. Former residents include Lark, who is now a temple dedicate at Winding Circle, and Flick, who died of the blue pox. Alleypup is also known to live in the Mire but it's unknown if he survived the blue pox. The Mudrunners are a street gang roaming the Mire.[3]

The poor of the Mire can't afford proper medical attention. That's why Urda's House was set up in the Mire, a hospital in which the poor are treated with the minimal ressources which can be spared for the slum. Dedicate Rosethorn visits there once a month to bring medecines to Urda's House.

When the blue pox spread over the whole city and Urda's House as well as the local Water Temple hospital were full a hospital camp was built uphill hof the Mire.[4]

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