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The Immortals quartet, published between 1992 and 1996, is the second series of books written by Tamora Pierce.[1] It is set in the Tortallan Universe. The books detail the adventures of Veralidaine Sarrasri (known as Daine), who had to leave her home after a bandit attack. The orphan flees to Tortall, where she finds new friends but also has to learn control her unusual ability to talk to animals.

Daine is accompanied on her travels by the black-robe mage Numair Salmalín, a young dragon named Skysong (or Kitten), and her trusty pony Cloud. She is also friends with Onua Chamtong and the legendary Alanna of Trebond (also known as the Lioness), King Jonathan and Queen Thayet of Tortall, and many animals, immortals, and other humans. Born in a town called Snowsdale in the country of Galla, Daine also travels to many other kingdoms, including Carthak.


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Wild Magic

When searching for a new assistand during the horse fair in Galla, Onua Chamtong meets a young girl, Daine. She takes her on as assistant after she sees how effortlessly Daine manages the herd of ponies Onua has to take south. In Tortall Daine finds new friends. She also has to face the fact, that she has a very unusual kind of magic, which only one other person seems to know about.



Daine has answered a call for help from a pack of wolves she knew in her old home. Since then the pack has moved to Dunlath in Tortall. At first this seemed the perfect place for them, until the humans there began to exploit the nature in the valley. Now the wolves want Daine to stop the nobles who govern the valley. But Daine, a commoner, is not sure she can be much help to them.

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Emperor Mage

Ozorne, the Emperor of Carthak, has allowed a delegation of Tortallans to come to his palace for peace talks. Daine accompanies the delegation. The emperor had explicitly asked for her because his beloved birds have become ill. However, the birds soon became Daine's smallest problem, when she discovers, that Carthak's cranky patron goddess, the Graveyard Hag, has an interest in her.

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The Realms of the Gods

Fighting two very dangerous immortals, Daine and Numair are taken into the Divine Realms, the home of the gods. They are eager to return home and help their friends in the oncoming battles, but the only hope they have to get back is by traveling through the Divine Realms to the Dragonlands and convince a dragon to bring them back home. A journey full of dangers begins.


  • Veralidaine Sarrasri: Daine is the protagonist of the books. She never knew her father, a minor god, and after the death of her mother and grandfather, she has to flee from Snowsdale. The only family that remains to her is her pony Cloud. Daine has "wild magic", that enables her to speak to, heal and shape shift into animals.
  • Numair Salmalín: Numair is a very tall, powerful mage and can shape shift into a falcon. He is the first person to realize Daine has wild magic. He becomes her teacher, travel companion, and very good friend.
  • Cloud: Cloud is a pony that Daine has had since before the series started. She is quite stubborn, but is very loyal to Daine. It was partly through her ability to speak with Cloud that Daine learned of her wild magic. She refers to Numair as "Stork Man".
  • Skysong (A.K.A. Kitten): Kitten's mother was sucked into the Mortal Realms by mages involved in the siege on Pirate's Swoop. Her unborn child would have died had Daine not unconsciously healed it in the womb. After Skysong was born her mother sacrificed herself defending the Swoop. Before dying she sent Daine the information where Kitten was to be found. Daine rescued the young dragon and raised her. Kitten, as a dragon very intelligent and versed in some magic, accompanies Daine on her later travels.
  • Onua Chamtong: Onua, who was abused by her husband and left for dead before she found refuge in Tortall, is the horse mistress for the Queen's Riders. As such she is responsible for the ponies the riders use. She teaches the trainees to care for their animals and purchases new ponies, when they are needed. On one such mission to buy new animals, Onua meets and hires Daine as her new assistant.
  • Tkaa: Tkaa is a basilisk whom Daine met in Dunlath. They became friends and Tkaa helped to free Dunlath. Afterwards he accompanied the peace delegation to Carthak.
  • Ozorne: Ozorne is the Emperor of Carthak. A former friend of Numair's, he later becomes his enemy as well as the enemy of Tortall. When his plots fail and he faces being captured, Ozorne changes into a stormwing and continues his feud against Tortall, Daine and Numair.

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