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The Dragon's Tale
A Story of the Tortallan Universe
Protagonist Kitten
Setting Carthak, Southern Lands
Author Tamora Pierce
Anthology The Dragon Book & Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales
Cover Artist
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The Dragon's Tale is a short story centering around the young dragonet Kitten, set in rural Carthak around 465 HE. It was first published 2009 in The Dragon Book and is also included in Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales.


Kitten has accompanied her human parents, Daine and Numair, to a visit to Carthak, where they visit several villages with Emperor Kaddar. While the humans help the local people Kitten and her friend Spots, Numair's horse, are bored. Kitten finds a young woman hidden by spells. The woman is an outcast of the local society and has an infant to care fore. So Kitten decides to help her. She steals food and other things from the camp and brings them to the woman. At first she is afraid of Kitten, whom she sees as a monster, but after Kitten saves the woman's child she realizes that Kitten is not only intelligent, but also friendly. The woman introduces herself as Afra and her son as Uday.

A series of small earthquakes take place around Afra's hiding place, but she still wants to stay in the area where the spells protected her earlier, even though Kitten signals to her that the spells are gone. Afra finally believes Kitten when some of the villagers come too close to her hiding place. When Kitten tries to protect Afra Daine and Numair arrive just in time to see an opal dragon named Kawit rise from her several thousand year long "nap", who had been responsible for the protecting spells. She gives Kitten a gift and agrees to accompany her and her friends for the rest of the travel. Daine and Numair take care of Afra and her son, who both have unusual magic.

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