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The Circle Reforged is the third series set in the Circle Universe by Tamora Pierce. The series takes place after the events of The Circle Opens quartet.


The Will of the Empress

As the first book of the CIRCLE REFORGED, The Will of the Empress chronicles the return of all four mages to their home of Summersea, their bickering, and their new adventure, and reconciliation. Although set primarily in Namorn in 1043 KF, the beginning of the book is set in Emelan and spans from 1041—42 KF. In Namorn, they have to contend with the Namornese court, and the famed empress herself.

Melting Stones

Occurs around the same time as The Will of the Empress. The book features Evumeimei Dingzai and Rosethorn as they investigate the deaths of plants and crops on the Battle Islands. Evvy discovers a new power of hers, as well as a new danger.

Battle Magic

Although this is the third book published in the CIRCLE REFORGED, it serves as a prequel to The Will of the Empress and Melting Stones, taking place two years before the events in both books. It chronicles the war that Briar Moss and Evumeimei Dingzai were in that was described in the two preceding books of the series.

Upcoming/planned books

Tamora Pierce plans to write a book about Trisana Chandler while she studies for a regular mages' credential at the University of Lightsbridge in Karang. The title of the book, and the date of publication are unknown, and it is unlikely that Pierce has even started writing it as of yet in 2016 due to the upcoming Exile trilogy set in the Tortallan Universe.

Main characters

  • Sandrilene fa Toren is a powerful thread-mage and a close relative of two rulers of two great nations. She plays a large role in the first book of THE CIRCLE REFORGED, The Will of the Empress.
  • Briar Moss is featured in two books of the CIRCLE REFORGED, and plays a major role in both The Will of the Empress and Battle Magic. He is a plant-mage of immeasurable skill, and develops new techniques.
  • Evumeimei Dingzai becomes a major character during this series. She is featured as the main character in Melting Stones and a major character in Battle Magic.

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