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Thayet jian Wilima is the wife of King Jonathan of Conté and a co-ruler of Tortall. She also bears the title Duchess of Camau and Thanhyien. She is described as the most beautiful woman in the world and has been called "Thayet the Peerless."

She is the founder and former Commander of the Queen's Riders. Thayet and Jon have six children, Roald, Kalasin, Liam, Lianne, Jasson and Vania.


Early Life and Escape from Sarain

Thayet is the only child of the Saren warlord Adigun jin Wilima and the K'mir princess Kalasin. Her relationship with her father was strained, particularly due to the fact that he openly wished for a son. She and Buri, her personal guard and familial servant, were forced to flee the Saren civil war in 439 HE[1] and came to Tortall with Alanna and allies.

Monarch of Tortall

After being presented at court, Thayet and King Jonathan began courting. They married in 439 HE[1], and Thayet became queen and co-ruler of Tortall.

Personality and Characteristics

Thayet is a very strong and independent woman and it is observed that her relationship with her king, Jonathan is indeed one of love. Though she is a woman she holds a very high place of power. Jonathan values her opinions and ideas, only talking Kalasin out of becoming a Knight while Thayet is away. She is also very patriotic and is willing to fight for her people and country. At one point she was left a court function to respond to a call of the Queen's Riders, wearing a very expensive silk pink dress. She is a practical and just person, beliving in equality amongst all.


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