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Tenth Caravan Idaram (pronounced EE-dahr-am) was a Trader caravan belonging to the Idaram family. Emelan, the northern regions around Gold Ridge as well as the southern regions around Summersea and Winding Circle, was part of its travelling route. On this route the caravan also regularly passed the Dalburz Glacier[1] and probably also through Gansar. In Gold Ridge they usually bought saffron[2]. In early 1034 KF the caravan was crossing Osar Mountains in Karang, where Polyam lost her eye and leg[3]. The caravan's gilav was Chandrisa and Polyam was its wirok. The caravan's ride leader and mimander, who had specialized in weather magic, were both men. Another member of the caravan included Chandrisa's sister, who was a good cook.

The caravan visited Gold Ridge in late autumn of 1035 KF, at the same time that Duke Vedris and his companions were there. They needed some repairs to be done and asked the village's smith Kahlib to do this task. Although they were at first eager to leave again because Daja Kisubo, a trangshi was also there, but eventually they gave Kahlib a larger job,[4] probably because they had to stay all the same because Polyam was bargaining with Daja for her living metal vine. The caravan even paid to have Daja's name deleted from the trangshi records of their people after Daja saved them from a forest fire when they tried to leave the valley.

The caravan's insignia on their staves was a many-pointed star of inlaid brass wire.[5]

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