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[edit] [purge] Template-info.svg Template documentation


Template:Welcome is for welcomeing new contributors who have a user name, by adding Template:Welcome to a user's talk page.

For an "anonymous" contributor, you may wish to use {{welcomeIP}} instead.




  • The first version is used most often.
  • The second version, without signature, is used when you want to add a personal message after the template, but before your signature (or if you have a complex signature).
  • As soon as you press Publish, the template will be substituted. You can then edit the resulting message in order to personalize it.

Further advice

Use of "subst:" prefix

This template must be substituted (i.e., subst:). Failure to substitute the template results in an error message, which is visible either when Preview is pressed and the changes are previewed, or when Publish is pressed and your edit is saved. The error message looks like this:

This template MUST be substituted. Replace {{Welcome}} with {{subst: Welcome}}.

Make another one just for you to use

In your own userspace, you could create a sub-page entitled Welcome. Into that page, you could copy and paste the current coding for {{Welcome}} and then modify it to suit your needs.

Then, when you wish to welcome a new, registered user using your own welcome template, you merely type onto their talkpage the following:

Where Username/Welcome is the exact name of the subpage in your userspace on which you created your personalized version of {{Welcome}}. For example, if User:Example were to create such a page, he would place the following on a new, registered user's page:

Auto sign

Template:Welcome is designed to automatically sign for you, but it will only work when it's substituted (i.e., subst:). If it is instead transcluded, the four tildes will show instead of your signature. (See the substitution discussion, above.)


At Tamora Pierce Wiki, there is a bot that automatically welcomes new users, both registered and unregistered, applying either {{welcome}} or {{welcomeIP}}, as appropriate. When the bot performs this action, it signs the welcome with the name of the mose recent sysop to have been working at Tamora Pierce Wiki.

See also

  • {{welcome}} for welcoming new, registered users.
  • {{welcomeIP}} for welcoming new, unregistered users.
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