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       |                  |                               |
Emperor Mesaraz        Unknown middle brothers     Apodan TasikheMahira Lymanis
       |                                                          |
 ┌—————┴————————————————┐                              ┌——————————┴————————┐
 |                      |                              |                   |
 Mikrom Tasikhe    Stiloit Tasikhe            Ozorne Tasikhe      Fazia Iliniat ┬ Unnamed prince (Iliniat family)
                                                                       Kaddar IliniatKalasin of Conté
                                                                             Binur Iliniat

Note: Qesan Tasikhe was mentioned in Tempests and Slaughter, but it is unknown which of Emperor Mesaraz's brothers he was a descendant of. As his father is not known, he is not shown on the tree. He came before Ozorne in the line of succession.

It is also likely that Prince Apodan and Princess Mahira had more children, as Kaddar was not the first in line after Ozorne, but those children have not yet been revealed.

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