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Example God
Main Title (e.g. God of the Hunt)
Animals, the Ocean
Territories Scanra, northern Tortall, Galla
Symbol Cypress tree
Powers Can re-animate skeletons
Sacred Animals Hyenas, bears
Human Beneficiary Rebakah Cooper
Events Deposition of Ozorne Tasikhe
Destruction of the dinosaurs
Biographical information
Epithet Bright Mithros
Aliases Example alias
Born Before the creation of the planets
Species Constellation
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Extremely tall
Hair Golden
Other Traits Freckles
Family information
Ancestors Father Universe
Parents Mithros
Great Mother Goddess
Siblings Lord Mauler
Spouse Kidunka
Children Fire Ant Queen
Descendants Banjiku
Veralidaine Sarrasri
Other family Dragons
Lover Sarra Beneksri
Rank Queen of the Gods
Residence Divine Realms
Affiliation Uusoae, Queen of Chaos
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned Alanna: The First Adventure
Only Mentioned The Realms of the Gods
First Appeared Wild Magic
Last Appeared Mastiff
Latest Appearance Bloodhound
Only Appearance Trickster's Queen
Last Mentioned Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales


For characters who are divine entities from the Tortallan Universe, as well as constellations. Not for Immortals, or characters who are descended from gods but are not gods, such as Veralidaine Sarrasri and her children.


maintitle header

This is to showcase the god's main title in the series. (e.g. Oinomi Wavewalker would be Goddess of the Sea. When using this header, only put the god's main title so as to showcase it, and to keep the header uncluttered.

  • Use the designation header for further responsibilities. When writing in this header, it will show up in itallics right under the main title.
  • Use the territory field if the god has a specific territory (e.g. Weiryn is the northern god of the hunt, so put Scanra, northern Tortall, and Galla. Oinomi Wavewalker is the goddess of specifically the Emerald Ocean, so put that.
  • The symbol field is to be used only if the god's symbol is known.
  • The powers field is for any extra powers that the god may have, such as the Graveyard Hag's ability to awaken the dead, and to gift that ability to a mortal.
  • sacredanimals — for any known animals that the god deems sacred or important to them. (e.g. crows for Kyprioth)
  • the human field will show up as "human beneficiary".
  • the events, is for any events that the god actively took part in (e.g. the Luarin Conquest, the Immortals War, etc.)

Biographical Information

  • the epithet field is if they have a known other appellation (e.g. "Bright Mithros" or simply "the Wavewalker"
  • the aliases field is if the god used an alias at any time during the books.
  • the born field is if their approximate time of birth is known. There is no "death" field, as gods are immortal in ways that immortals are not.
  • the species field is mainly if they are like a god, but not exactly, such as The Cat.


The background and font will immediately appear as black and white respectively. With the bg2, there is leeway, and can either be a color of choice or something to do with the god.

Blank Template

{{TU Gods
| image =
| name =
| bgcolor2 =

| maintitle =
| territory =
| designation =
| symbol =
| powers =
| sacredanimals =
| humans =
| events =

| epithet =
| aliases =
| birth =
| race =
| species =
| powers =

| gender =
| height =
| hair =
| othertrait =

| ancestors =
| parents =
| spouse =
| siblings =
| children =
| descendants =
| lover =
| other =

| rank =
| residence =
| affiliation =

| firstmentioned =
| onlymentioned =
| firstappeared =
| lastappeared =
| latestappeared =
| onlyappeared =
| lastmentioned =
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