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Tortallan Guard
Biographical Information
Birth Name Pincas Huckleburr
Mage Name Farmer Cape
Nickname Beka
Alias The Whisper Man
Born August, 416 HE
Died July 21st, 439 HE
Race Raka
Nationality Copper Islander
Gift Red
Magic Sight
Specialization Healing
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height Short
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Other Missing finger
Family Information
Family Cooper family
Ancestors King Jonathan I
Grandparents Eleni Cooper
Myles of Olau
Parents Sarra Beneksri
Adoptive Parents Daine Sarrasri
Numair Salmalín
Siblings Graeme of Queenscove
Neal of Queenscove
Jessamine of Disart
Companion Okha Soyan
Husband Balduin of Disart
Wife Yukimi noh Daiomoru
Lover Tianine Plowman
Children George Cooper
Adoptive Children Alanna the Lioness
Grandchildren Owen of Jesslaw
Descendants Zaimid Hetnim
Mequen Hetnim
Godsparents Lady Catherine (godsmother)
Godschildren Keeket (godson)
Other Family Duke Roger (cousin)
Animals Chubby (pony)
Patron God Mithros
Rank Commoner
Residence Port Caynn
Affiliation Aled the Armorer
Marek Swiftknife
Provost's Guard
Senior Guardswoman
Guard District Prettybone
Guardhouse Jane Street
Guard Watch Evening
Instructor Sergeant Ahuda
Training Partners Clara Goodwin
Mattes Tunstall
Previous Partner Silsbee
Current Partner Nestor Haryse
Trainee Partner Ersken Westover
Guard Badge Copper
Events Bread Riot
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned First Test
Only Mentioned Emperor Mage
First Appeared Page
Last Appeared Mastiff
Latest Appearance Trickster's Queen
Only Appearance Lioness Rampant
Last Mentioned Nawat


This infobox is to be used for commoner members (including mages) of the Tortallan Provost's Guard. For nobles and/or knights who are guard commanders, use the Noble/Royal infobox or Knight infobox, respectively, and place their Guard post information in the Position field. For Circle Universe guards, use the Circle Guard infobox.


General Character Information

  • The image field, like all other fields, should be left blank if not available.
  • The name field defaults to the name of the article. It may be changed to the most common name used to refer to the character in the novels, i.e. Baird of Queenscove's "name" field may be "Duke Baird". The infobox name should fit on a single line.
  • The universe field should be "Tortallan Universe".

Biographical Information and Physical Description

  • Typically, either the birthname OR the magename field should be used, but not both. Use whichever name is not used as the title for the infobox. In a few unique cases, such as with Farmer Cooper, both may be used.
  • The alias field should only be used for names used by the character that would not be considered nicknames or epithets (e.g. The Whisper Man, Alan, or Aly Homewood). Nicknames and epithets belong in their respective fields.
  • The death field should be left blank if the character is still alive. Use "unknown" if this information is not known.
  • The race field should be left blank unless the character belongs to a race like "Bazhir", "K'miri", or "Banjiku". These are races that are different from nationalities.
  • The nationality field should only be used if the character's nationality is known. If a character has changed nationalities, the newest should be listed first with previous nationalities separated by line breaks. If a character's nationality is not known, leave this field blank.
  • The gift field should only be used for the color of a Tortallan character's magic. Use "unknown" if this information is not known. If the character has no Gift, leave this field blank.
  • The magic field is the equivalent of the gift field for the Circle Universe and those Tortallans possessing wild magic or the Sight.
  • The specialty field should be used for Gifted Tortallan Universe characters or for Circle Universe characters whose magic has a known special use/purpose (e.g. Healing or War).
  • The othertrait field should be used for defining physical characters that do not fall into the other "Physical Description" categories (e.g. scars, tattoos, missing finger, muscularity, etc).

Family Information

  • The family field may be used for common family names if the family is large or well-known.
  • Most names, in all family information fields, should be written using the most recent full name of the character, with the option of writing their name in the format "title firstname" for royals and nobles. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.
    • When using the ancestors, descendants, and other fields, comments should be placed after the names to indicate known relationships (e.g. "great-uncle", "second cousin"). If a character's direct relationship is not known, no comment should be added.
  • Use a † symbol after the names of all characters who are deceased when last mentioned in the novels.
  • The ancestors field should only include individual characters' names, not family lineages.
    • The ancestors field should be organized earliest to latest, from top to bottom, with each name separated by a line break.
    • Family lineages belong in the family field, with the most recent family listed first and previous families separated by line breaks.
  • The siblings, children, adoptive children, grandchildren, descendants, godschildren, and other fields should be organized eldest to youngest, from top to bottom, with each name separated by a line break.
  • The companion field is for life-partners who are not married.
  • The animals field should be used for horses/pets and should include a comment stating the type of animal. ex: (dog)
  • The patron field should be used for patron gods of characters, i.e. "Kyprioth" for George Cooper or "Great Mother Goddess" for Alanna the Lioness.

General Affiliation

  • The rank field should only be used to state class (e.g. commoner) or temple/school position (e.g. initiate, dedicate, etc).
  • The residence field may be used for a specific building (e.g. the Tortallan Royal Palace), or simply a location/city/town/country, (e.g. Queensgrace).
  • The affiliation field should be used for associated unrelated persons or for events or places with which the character is connected that do not belong in another field.

Provost's Guard Affiliation

  • The guardrank field should only be used to state a Provost's Guard's rank (e.g. Desk Sergeant, Guardsman, etc).
  • The guarddistrict field should be used to state guard districts.
  • The kennel field should be used to state the guard's home guard house. Use "unknown" if the guard's home kennel is not known.
  • The watch field should be used to state the guard's primary guard watch. Use "unknown" if the guard's watch is not known.
  • The instructor field should be used to state known training instructors of the guard. If the character's instructor is not known, leave this field blank.
  • The badge field should be used to state the guard's badge type. Use "unknown" if the guard's badge type is not known.
  • The events field should be used for events in which Provost's Guards participated (e.g. the Great Market Riot). For non-Guard events, use the affiliation field.


  • The firstmentioned field should only be used if the character was mentioned before their first appearance. Use if the book where the character is first mentioned differs from the book in which they first appear.
  • The lastmentioned field should only be used if the character was mentioned after their last appearance.
  • The onlymentioned field should only be used if the character is mentioned in only one book and has never appeared in a book (e.g. Auld Eulama).
  • The firstappeared field should be the title of the book in which the character was first appeared.
  • The lastappeared field should only be used for the last appearance of the character, i.e. if he or she died.
  • The latestappeared field should only be used for the latest appearance of the character, i.e. Kel's short appearance in a vision in Trickster's Choice or Zhegorz's appearance in The Will of the Empress.
  • The onlyappeared field should only be used if the character appeared in a single book and was never mentioned in another book (e.g. Francis of Nond).

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| gender =
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| hair =
| eyes =
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| family =
| ancestors =
| grandparents =
| parents =
| adoptiveparents =
| siblings =
| companion =
| husband =
| wife =
| lover =
| children =
| adoptivechildren =
| grandchildren =
| descendants =
| godsparents =
| godschildren =
| other =
| animals =
| patron =

| rank =
| residence =
| affiliation =

| guardrank =
| guarddistrict =
| kennel =
| watch =
| instructor =
| trainingpartners =
| previouspartners =
| partner =
| traineepartner =
| badge =
| events =

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