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Example Family
Year ennobled 438 HE (second line)
Enthroned c. 200 KF
Noble book Book of Gold
Rank Lord
Subsidiary titles
Head of house Soandso
Heir apparent Oldest child
Notable members Member A
Member B
Inheritance Male line
Status Extant
Founder Rittevon of Lenman
Allies Halleburn family
Enemies Haiming Dynasty
Notable events Scanran War
Deposed Dethroned 181 HE
Reinstated 456 HE
Bequeathed By King Jasson III
Nationality Tortallan
Residence Fief Naxen
Landholdings Lake Naxen
Location Hill country
Crest Owl
Colors grey and cream
Cadet branches
Related families Family A
Family B
Loyalty Bazhir
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe family
First Mentioned First Test
Only Mentioned n/a
First Appeared Page
Last Appeared Trickster's Queen
Latest Appearance Trickster's Queen
Only Appearance n/a
Last Mentioned n/a


This infobox should be used for prominent families whether they are royal, noble, or common.



  • date: As seen in example, it will come up as year ennobled. For noble families where one can make either an exact entry or an educated guess.
  • enthroned: should only be used for families who are royal. This is where you put when exactly the family in general (not specific persons) ascended to the throne, or an educated guess. e.g. House Toren has been the reigning family of Emelan for about 800 years so one would put c. 200 KF (800 years before the events of the books).
  • book: Reference to Tortallan Books of Nobility. Only for Tortallan nobles.
  • rank: Whether noble, royal, or common. If noble, put their rank of nobility, like "comital house", "baronial house", "ducal", etc.
  • "subsidiary:" for any further titles that are inheritable by heirs apparent or presumptive, or the successor.


  • "head of house" for the most current head of family. For example, although King Roger II was once head of the Conté family, he wouldn't be written in as such because from an in-universe perspective, the honor belongs to Jonathan IV.
  • "heir", the known heir apparent or presumptive.
  • "members", not for the entire list of members, only those who are notable to the story or world
  • "inheritance", not for persons, but what kind of inheritance laws the family operates on e.g. male preference primogeniture
  • "status", should either be extant, extinct, or unknown


  • "founder", for the first head of house if known
  • "allies", different a bit from loyalty. This is for more specific allies or families.
  • "enemies", for more specific enemies or families.
  • "events", any that the family had a notable involvement in, such as conspiracies, wars, etc.
  • "deposed", if the family was dethroned or stripped of titles either forcefully or by events (e.g. the Trebond family technically lost their title because of lack of heir)
  • "reinstated", if the family retook power, or was re-bequeathed with their power
  • "bequeath", if the royal who reinstated/gave the titles in the first place is known, and date if known


  • "nationality"—important, where the family is from if known (usually known for noble families definitely)
  • "residence"—list main or secondary residences, main being their fief, secondary being where they stay usually e.g. the royal palace, Corus, etc.
  • "landholdings"— any lands the family owns
  • "location"—where in the realm their lands are located e.g. southwestern Tortall
  • "crest"— a brief description of their coat of arms. Very brief.
  • "colors"— their family colors, if known


  • "cadet"—for relations of the family that are certainly in the line of succession to inherit the title and lands, even if they hold a different surname. e.g. the Balitang family would be considered cadet branch of the Rittevon Dynasty based on inheritance laws.
  • "relations"—for distant or close relatives. If close, there is an uncertainty regarding whether or not they can inherit the title. Although any cadet branch is related to the main family, not every related family would be considered a cadet branch.
  • "loyalty"—for overarching events or groups, as opposed to specific families/persons e.g. Luarin Nobility, The Crown, Rebel Conspirators, etc.


The bg2 is automatically set to silver. For bg1, choose a color that fits with the family. If their house colors are known, use a type of their house color. If unknown, there is some leeway. For example, the Bancanor family is a prominent commoner/merchant house in Kugisko. They don't have any known colors, but they are the heads of the Goldsmith Guild, so one could put their bg1 as gold or a shade of yellow.

Blank Template

{{Family infobox
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| name=
| universe=

| date=
| enthroned=
| book=
| rank=
| subsidiary=

| head=
| heir=
| members=
| inheritance=
| status=

| founder=
| allies=
| enemies=
| events=
| deposed=
| reinstated=
| bequeath=

| nationality=
| home=
| land=
| location=
| crest=
| colors=

| cadet=
| relations=
| loyalty=

| firstmentioned=
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