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Event Example
General Information
Type War/Crime/Sickness
Place of occurrence Summersea, Emelan
Beginning date 1020 KF
Date of completion 1043 KF
Length of event 23 years
Belligerents Belligerent 1 vs. Belligerent 2
Belligerent 1
Strongholds Imperial Palace of Carthak
Commanders Weishu
Jia Jiu
Notable fighters Eda Bell
Wyldon of Cavall
Weapons used Boom-dust
Gate of Idramm
Status Instigator
Outcome Victor
Belligerent 2
Strongholds Imperial Palace of Namorn
Sablaliz Palace
Commanders Pershan fer Roth
Ishabal Ladyhammer
Rizuka fa Dalach
Notable fighters George Cooper
Jonathan IV of Conté
Lady Catherine
Weapons used Killing devices
Status Defender
Outcome Loss
Fighters executed or imprisoned
Crime Information
Perpetrator(s) Rosethorn
Investigators Isman Qais
Briar Moss
Victims 200 victims
Motive Revenge
Weapons used Knife
Captured by By Sandrilene fa Toren
Sentence Life imprisonment
Illness informtation
Symptoms Fever, chills, nausea
Caused by Roger of Conté's magic
Researched by Moonstream
Maude Tanner
Coram Smythesson
Cure Two drops of unicorn blood
Bibliographical information
Tortallan Universe event
Event in Lady Knight


For events that are featured in all books by Tamora Pierce that have pages, both Tortallan Universe and Circle Universe.


  • "name" is for the colloquial name for the event, be it "Scanran War", "Coronation Day Battle", etc. If there are events without any such names, then just put the page name, or part of the page name.

General Information

  • "place"— straightforward, where the event took place in-universe
  • "begin" start of the event if known
  • "enddate", end of event if known
  • "length" should be used if the exact beginning and end dates are not known, or if only the exact end date is not known.
  • "type", whether war, illness, crime, etc.
  • "combatants", if a war or battle, list both sides in vs. format

War fields

Separated by side, with one side as "belligerent1" and the other as "belligerent2". For all fields that start with bel1 or bel2, list relevant information pertaining to that side.

  • strongholds should be used for forts/military encampments/fortified towns/command centers, etc.
  • commanders is for all notable commanders of one side, (e.g. the general, or the commander of the King's Own)
  • fighters should only be used for notable fighters, the ones who did great deeds or something extremely noteworthy. Do not use this field to list all those who fought in a war.
  • weapons—notable weapons, like Killing devices, boom-dust, etc.
  • status—fill with either instigator or defender.
  • outcome—either victory or loss. If it's a loss, one could mention what happened to those captured from the losing side (e.g. life imprisionment, execution, etc.)

Crime fields

  • perpetrator should list all those who committed the crime, including accomplices (just make a note)
  • investigation should have all official and unofficial investigators (e.g. Sandry helped with the investigation of the brutal murders, but was not an official investigator)
  • victims—list specific persons, if any, or an overarching allusion. If the exact number is known, put the exact number.
  • motive—only use this if the perpetrator's intent is known
  • weapons—any notable weapons the perpetrator used (e.g. unmagic)
  • capture—who captured the perpetrator(s)
  • sentence—their official sentence from the government

Illness Information

  • use symptoms to give a brief description of the symptoms brought up by the illness. Do not go into too much detail in the infobox.
  • use outbreak for "cause" (e.g. the Sweating Sickness was spread by Duke Roger)
  • use researchers for those who were researching a cure (e.g. Crane and Rosethorn for the blue pox
  • use cure if one is known.

Bibliographical Information

  • the universe field is for whatever universe, Tortall or Circle, that the event is from
  • the featured field is for the specific book that the event is from

Blank Template

| name=

| place=
| begin=
| enddate=
| length=
| type=
| combatants=

| belligerent1=
| bel1strongholds=
| bel1commanders=
| bel1fighters=
| bel1weapons=
| bel1status=
| bel1outcome=

| belligerent2=
| bel2strongholds=
| bel2commanders=
| bel2fighters=
| bel2weapons=
| bel2status=
| bel2outcome=

| perpetrator=
| investigation=
| victims=
| motive=
| crimeweapons=
| capture=
| sentence=

| symptoms=
| outbreak=
| researchers=
| cure=

| universe=
| featured=

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