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  • This template is for creating soft redirects with two targets (cf., Template:Soft redirect, which is for use with one target). In other words, it is for creating short pages inviting readers to visit other pages at different wikis (e.g., Wikimedia Foundation projects). This cannot be performed with a classical redirect due to technical restrictions in the mediawiki software.
  • This template is also used to redirect an entry to two special pages, in which case hard redirects have been disabled.
  • For redirecting categories, use {{category redirect}} instead.
  • For all other redirects within Admin Tools Wiki, please continue to use:  #REDIRECT [[Other article]].
This template will categorize into Category:Soft redirects and Category:User soft redirects.


{{double soft redirect|target 1|target 2}}


produces …

#REDIRECTwikipedia:Template:Soft redirect or mw:Template:Soft redirect
This page is a soft redirect.

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