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Template:Divhide/doc will allow you to collapse a section of a page. The first parameter is the title of the collapse section, and the second (optional) parameter is the width. To close the section, use {{divhide|end}}.


These are the hidden contents.
{{divhide|Half test|50%}}
These are the hidden contents, and the box only takes up 50% of the page.

You may also use the parameter "show=yes" to show the contents by default.

{{divhide|Show and test|show=yes}}
This section is shown by default.

Note on using this template to close discussions

Template:Divhide/doc should typically not be used to close discussions as {{hat}} is available for this purpose. However, if it is, it should only be used by uninvolved editors or administrators in conjunction with the talk page guidelines and relevant advice at refactoring. It should not be used by involved parties to to end a discussion over the objections of other editors.

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