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Template:Cross/doc is often used on talk pages wherever a user needs to place a scalable 20px.


You may use {{cross}} by itself, which produces a 20px at the default size of 20px. Alternatively, as an optional parameter, you may scale the 20px to the precise size desired.

Template Result
20px default
{{cross|10}} 10pxN
{{cross|30}} 30pxN


Column sorting

I can't figure out how to get the columns in the first table to be sortable. --User:Example

Perhaps one of the other contributors to this article might know how to fix it. --User:Example User
I think that there is an additional parameter required when the table is set up that makes the columns sortable. --User:Billbailey=legend
It would be great if the documentation were better written so we could figure it out. Thanks, --User:Example
20pxN Cannot fix it. Perhaps someone else could give it a try. --User:Example User
18px Thank you. -- User:Example

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