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Template:Collapse/doc is used for placing collapse boxes around short discussions and bits of discussions (concluded polls, long code samples, etc.). For entire discussion threads, use {{collapse top}} and {{collapse bottom}} instead.

Template:Collapse/doc should only be used in accordance with the the refactoring guideline. It should never be used to end a discussion over the objections of other editors, except in cases of unambiguous, disruptive editing.


{{Collapse|1=Discussion text to be put into box.|2=Optional custom heading}} 

18px Note:  It is definitely safest to use the named |1= and |2= parameters, because otherwise any "=" character will break the template.

The bg parameter

The |bg= parameter is optional. It changes the background color. Use Web color values (e.g., #D8BFD8).

{{Collapse|1=Discussion text to be put into box.|bg=#D8BFD8}}
produces …

The padding parameter

The |padding= parameter adjusts the amount of cell padding (defaults to 8px).

{{Collapse|1=Discussion text to be put into box.|padding=20px}}
produces …

18px Note:  Expand the box to see the border padding effect.

Around header text

When used with a section of text, include the section header in the collapsed portion of text.

Example #1: Template:Divbox
{{Divbox|green|Example text|{{=}}{{=}} [[m:Help:Section|Heading]] {{=}}{{=}}<br />{{Lorem ipsum}}}}
produces …

Example #2: Template:Collapse
{{Collapse|1={{Lorem ipsum}}|2=[[m:Help:Section|Heading]]}}
produces …

The expand parameter

Simply add |expand=yes to have the box show up in expanded form with a "hide" link, instead of collapsed form with a "show" link.

18px Note:  |expand=no does not work. To disable the feature, you have to remove the entire |expand parameter and value.

{{Collapse|1={{Lorem ipsum}}|2=[[m:Help:Section|Heading]]|expand=yes}}
produces …

When content includes tables

Template:Collapse/doc frequently breaks when used around content that consists of, or includes, wikitables. Such content can be made collapsible by using the {{collapse top}} and {{collapse bottom}} templates instead of {{collapse}}.


18px Important:  Template:Collapse/doc must be substituted (i.e., subst:) in order for the time stamp functionality to work properly.

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