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Circle Noble/Royal
Emperor of Carthak
Duke of Yamut
Sir Knight
Start of Reign March, 438 HE
Coronation Date June, 438 HE
End of Reign Summer of 452 HE
Tenure 20 years
Co-monarch Queen Thayet
Regency Council Imajane Rittevon
Rubinyan Jimajen
Adviser Shrek
Heir Petranne Balitang (presumptive)
Predecessor King Jasson III
Successor Princess Lianokami
Prince of Siraj
Count of Amar
Style His Royal Highness
Tenure 214 HE - September 29th, 239 HE
Predecessor Alan of Trebond
Successor Coram Smythesson
Lord Seneschal
Reigning Monarch Vedris fer Toren
Tenure 8 years
Predecessor Artemisia of Caria
Successor Hera
Biographical Information
Nickname Example
Honorific Duani
Epithet The Strong
Alias White Mouse
Born 0 KF
Died 80 KF
Nationality Emelanese
Race Yanjingyi
Species Human
Magical Information
Magic Ambient magic
Type Smith-mage
Ranking Great Mage
Institution Winding Circle
Teacher(s) Frostpine
Accreditation Master's credential
Student(s) Comas
Specialization Metal-workings, weapons
Creations Living Metal
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Hair Sandy brown
Eyes Blue
Other Scar over left eyebrow
Family Information
Noble House Toren
Ancestors Rittevon of Lenman
Grandparents Mattin fer Toren
Maedryan dor Ocmore
Parents Niklaren Goldeye
Adoptive Parents Rosethorn
Siblings Halmaedy Acalon
Spouse Wulfric Snaptrap
Husband Kemit doen Polumri
Wife Ikrum Fazhal
Children Briar Moss
Daja Kisubo
Adoptive Children
Grandchildren Glakisa Irakory
Descendants Conté family
Other Family Joren of Stone Mountain
Lover Caidlene fa Sarajane
Animals Little Bear
Patron God Mila of the Grain
Rank Nobility
Residence Duke's Citadel
Education Lightsbridge
Teacher Crane
Student Alysy of Conté
Occupation Pirate chaser
Events Arson attack of 1039
Affiliation Emelan Crown
Bibliographical Information
Circle Universe character
First Mentioned Sandry's Book
Only Mentioned Trickster's Choice
First Appeared The Will of the Empress
Last Appeared Lady Knight
Latest Appearance Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales
Only Appearance Battle Magic
Last Mentioned Melting Stones



This template is all-inclusive with every field available across all character infobox templates. Whenever possible, use a category-specific character template. Use this template when a character does not belong to an existing stand-alone template character category (e.g. Nobles, Commoners, Rogues) or if the character requires specific fields that do no appear in their category-specific template.

General Info

  • General Character Information
    • The image field, like all other fields, should be left blank if not available.
    • The name field defaults to the name of the article. It may be changed to the most common name used to refer to the character in the novels, i.e. Baird of Queenscove's "name" field should be "Duke Baird". The infobox name should fit on a single line.
      • Courtesy titles, such as "Prince" Rubinyan or "Lady" Gwynnen, should be included with the character's name in the title of their infobox.
    • The three color fields only appear in certain templates. In a template where they are available, follow the color rules set out for that template. For use in the "Character" template, see the "Proposed Color Schemes" section.
    • The universe field should be "Tortallan Universe" or "Circle Universe".


Primary/Main Title
  • Titles/Rulership
    • Fields not preceded by "sec" should be used for a character's most recent title.
    • Fields preceded by "sec" should be used for former titles. Titles/Positions, such as Prime Minister or Ambassador belong in the "position" field with tenure dates as a comment.
    • The subsidiary fields are for lesser concurrent titles, e.g. "Duke of Yamut" for Prince Kaddar. Place the highest ranked title first, followed by lower ranked titles separated with commas.
    • The style fields are for formal forms of address used for the specific titles, such as Her Imperial Majesty or His Grace.
    • The honorific field is for honory titles like "duani" or "Master".
    • The epithet field is only to be used for significant nicknames or titles that embody the characteristics of the character, i.e. "The Lioness". Shang names also belong in this field.
    • The beginreign field is for the day/year when the character's rule began, prior to a coronation date. Leave blank if the character's reign and coronation were held on the same day, as with King Dunevon, and use the "coronation" field for that single date.
    • The coronation field should be used for a character's date of coronation (e.g. July, 438 HE). Use "unknown" if a ruler is still in power but a coronation date is not known.
    • The endreign field is for the day/year when the character's rule ended. Leave blank in the ruler is still in power.
    • The tenure field should only be used to designate the length of time that non-monarch positions or ornamental titles were/have been held (e.g. 416 HE - 438 HE).
    • The comonarch field should only be used for spouses of monarchs who joinly rule (e.g. Jonathan IV and Thayet of Conté). It should not be used for consorts of ruling monarchs.
    • The regent field is only to be used when the reign of a ruler was presided over by regents. If a character was a regent, then that title belongs in the "title" or "subsidiary" field.
    • The predecessor and successor fields can be used for monarchs or for holders of noble titles.
    • The heirapparent field should only be used for heirs who cannot be displaced in the line of succession.
    • The heirpresumptive field should only be used for heirs whose position as first the line of succession is conditional (e.g. daughters in male-primogeniture lines).
    • The champion and minister fields should only be used for monarchs who have a known "King's Champion" and/or "Prime Minister". If a ruler has more than one of either, most recent should be listed first will earlier holders of the positions separated with line breaks.
Biographical Information
  • Biographical Information and Physical Description
    • The alias field should only be used for names used by a character that would not be considered nicknames or epithets (e.g. The Whisper Man, Alan, or Aly Homewood). Nicknames and epithets belong in their respective fields.
    • The nationality field should only be used if a character's nationality is known. If a character changed nationalities, the newest should be listed first with previous nationalities separated by line breaks. If a character's nationality is not known, leave the field blank.
    • The death field should be left blank if the character is still alive. Use "unknown" if this information is not known.
    • The race field should be left blank unless a character belongs to a race such as "Bazhir", "K'mir", or "Banjiku". These are races that are different from nationalities.
    • The gift field is for the color of a Tortallan character's magic. Use "unknown" if this information is not known, or leave blank if the character has no Gift.
    • The magic field is the equivalent of the Gift-field for the Circle Universe and those Tortallans possessing wild magic or the Sight.
    • The specialty field is for Gifted Tortallan Universe characters or for Circle Universe characters whose magic has a known special use/purpose (e.g. Healing or War).
    • The creations field is specific to the Circle Universe for magical creations made my mages.
    • The othertrait field is for defining physical characters that do not fall into the other Physical Description categories (e.g. scars, tattoos, missing finger).
Family info
  • Family Information
    • The house field is for noble or royal families, such as the "Conté family" or the "Trebond family".
    • For most names in all family information fields should be written using the most recent name of the character. Exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.
    • Use a † symbol after the names of all characters who are deceased when last mentioned in the novels. This symbol should not be used for characters who were alive when last seen, even if they would be dead in current times. Do not use † in 5th century Tortallan Universe character infoboxes simply because the referenced character lived in the 3rd century; only use it if the referenced character died during the period of time covered in the 3rd century-based novels.
    • When using the ancestors, descendents, and other fields, comments should be placed after the names to indicate known relationships (e.g. "great-uncle", "second cousin"). If a character's direct relationship is not known, no comment should be added.
    • The ancestors field is for individual character names, not family lineages. Family lineages belong in the "house" field, with the most recent listed first and previous houses separated by line breaks.
    • The siblings, children, adoptive children, grandchildren, descendants, godschildren, and other fields should be organized top to bottom, eldest to youngest, with each name separated by a line break.
    • The animals field is for horses/pets and should include a comment stating the type of animal. ex: (dog)
    • The patron is field is for patron gods of characters, e.g. "Kyprioth" for George or "Great Mother Goddess" for Alanna.
General affiliation
  • Affiliation
    • The rank field can be used to state classes (noble, common, merchant, etc) or temple/school position (initiate, dedicate, etc).
    • The residence field may be used for a specific building, i.e. the Tortallan Royal Palace", or simply a location/city/town/country, i.e. Queensgrace.
    • The tribe field is specific to Bazhir tribespeople, born or adopted. Use "unknown" if the person's tribe is not known.
    • The accreditation field is for degrees and accreditations/accolades earned in a specific field of study (e.g. Mastery or Black Robe).
    • The position field is for nobles or royals who hold a specified post, like "King's Champion" or "Governor".
    • The posservice field is for time of service in the positions listed in the "position" field. Only use if there is a single position listed. If multiple positions are listed in the "position" field, add comments after each position with the dates of service. Number of years, or dates of service are appropraite. If service is still on-going, used "-present" in this field or as a comment to a position.
    • The pospredecessor and possuccessor fields are for predecessors and succcessors to positions listed in the "position" field. If either is unknown, leave that field blank.
    • The occupation field is for commoners or those nobles who work for a living (teacher, seamstress, baker, etc).
    • The district field is for governor's districts, guard districts, or rogue districts.
    • The affiliation field is for associated unrelated persons or for events or places with which the character is connected.
Military section
  • Military Affiliation
    • The militarybranch field is specific to characters who use the "Soldier" template or for those nobles who are part of the "King's Own" or regular army.
    • The militaryrank field should only be used to state military rank (e.g. sergeant, captain, commander, etc).
    • The commander field is for listing a soldier or Rider's superior officers. This category should include superior officers listed from highest rank to lowest, separated by line breaks. Sergeants/Squad leaders, if known, should be placed in the "squad" field.
    • The company field is specific to King's Own soldiers for use in the "Soldier" character template. Use unknown if the character's company is not known. Spell out the company number when this field is used: "First Company", "Second Company", "Third Company".
    • The squad field is specific to King's Own soldiers for use in the "Soldier" character template. Only use the sergeant's first name in this field. Use "unknown" if a character's sergeant is not known.
    • The group field is specific to Queen's Riders for use in the "Soldier" character template. Use "unknown" if the Rider's group is not known. Use the group's nickname and number if known (e.g. The First - 1st). Only use the group's nickname and number in this field. The word "Group" is included as part of the template.
    • The combat field should include wars and battles in which the character participated in reverse chronological order with the most recent listed first and all previous experience separated with line breaks.
Guards section
  • Provost's Guard
    • The guardrank field should only be used to state Provost Guard rank (e.g. desk sergeant, senior dog, etc).
    • The guarddistrict field is specific for Provost Guards guard districts. To specific a district for a character not of the Provost's Guard, use the "district" field.
    • The kennel field is specific to Provost Guards. Use "unknown" if the guard's home kennel is not known.
    • The watch field is specific to Provost Guards. Use "unknown" if the guard's watch is not known.
    • The badge field is specific to Provost Guards. Use "unknown" if the guard's badge type is not known.
    • The events field is to be used in a similar fashion as the "combat" field under Military Affiliation, but for event in which Provost Guards participated, e.g. the Bread Riot. For non-Guard events, use the "affiliation" field.
  • Appearances
    • The firstmentioned field should only be used if a character was mentioned before their first appearance. Use if the book where the character is first mentioned differs from the book in which they first appear.
    • The lastmentioned field should only be used if a character was mentioned after their last appearance.
    • The onlymentioned field should only be used if a character is mentioned in only one book and has never appeared in a book (e.g. Eulama).
    • The firstappeared field should be the title of the book in which the character first appeared.
    • The lastappeared field should only be used for the last appearance of the character (e.g. if he/she died).
    • The latestappeared field should only be used for the latest appearance of the character, e.g. Kel's short appearance in a vision in Trickster's Choice or Zhegorz's appearance in The Will of the Empress.
    • The onlyappeared field should only be used if a character appeared in a single book and was never mentioned in another book (e.g. Francis).

Blank Template

{{Circle royalnoble
| image=
| name=

| bgcolor=
| fgcolor=
| bgcolor2=

| universe=

| title=
| titlenote=
| subsidiary=
| style=
| beginreign=
| coronation=
| endreign=
| tenure=
| comonarch=
| regent=
| heirapparent=
| heirpresumptive=
| adviser=
| minister=
| predecessor=
| successor=

| sectitle=
| secsubsidiary=
| secstyle=
| sectenure=
| secpredecessor=
| secsuccessor=

| position=
| otherposition=
| posmonarch=
| posservice=
| pospredecessor
| possuccessor

| birth=
| death=
| nickname=
| epithet=
| alias=
| nationality=
| race=
| species=
| gift=

| magic=
| magtype=
| magrank=
| magschool=
| magteacher=
| magstudent=
| magcredential=
| specialty=
| creations=

| gender=
| height=
| hair=
| eyes=
| othertrait=

| house=
| ancestors=
| grandparents=
| parents=
| adoptiveparents=
| siblings=
| spouse=
| husband=
| wife=
| lover=
| children=
| adoptivechildren=
| grandchildren=
| descendants=
| godsparents=
| godschildren=
| other=
| animals=
| patron=

| rank=
| residence=
| education=
| accreditation=
| teacher=
| student=
| occupation=
| affiliation=
| events=

| firstmentioned=
| onlymentioned=
| firstappeared=
| lastappeared=
| latestappeared=
| onlyappeared=
| lastmentioned=
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