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Taybur Sibigat
Biographical Information
Honorific '
Race Luarin
Nationality Copper Islander
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 5"
Hair Dark & curly
Eyes Brown
Family Information
Noble House
Other Family
Patron God
Rank Commoner
Residence Grey Palace
Bazhir Tribe
Knight Master
Year Knighted
Affiliation Queen Dovasary
Aly Homewood
King Dunevon
Military Affiliation
Military Branch Queen's Guard
Squad Leader Sergeant
Rider Group Group
Combat Raka Rebellion
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Trickster's Queen
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Nawat
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

Taybur Sibigat (pronounced TAY-burr SIHB-ee-gaht) is a luarin Copper Islander. He is the Captain of the Queen's Guard and serves Dovasary Balitang, the Queen of the Isles. He formerly served the late Dunevon Rittevon as the Captain of his King's Guard.


Early life

Sibigat rose through the ranks of the King's Guard. He had been given the post before the return of the Balitang family to Rajmuat. He was given the position after the reigns of King Oron and King Hazarin, and was new to it when the Balitangs returned. He already managed to improve the Guard, however.

The end of the Rittevons

Aly Homewood had heard of Taybur Sibigat before meeting him in person. When the Balitang family were presented to King Dunevon and the regents, Imajane and Rubinyan, Aly inspected the throne room and noted the careful watch that Sibigat's people were providing the throne room, and that Sibigat used hardened men, and not shaky nor nervous ones for the job. She was impressed with what he did with it.

Sibigat introduced himself to Aly when the nobles and royals were mingling. He guessed that she was a spy of some sort, because he had been able to see her inspection of the throne room due to the spells placed on the dais for him. Aly played coy but he seemed to see through that. He mentioned several countries that she could swear allegiance to, even Tortall and her father, whose spy name was "The Whisper Man". Sibigat didn't seem interested in having her arrested or murdered, and he knew that spies were a part of the world. He did warn her that he wouldn't like her anymore if she started to play spy games with the young king Dunevon. Aly also realized that Sibigat and Topabaw probably had a rivalry.

On King Dunevon's birthday, the regents got him a sailing vessel called the Rittevon. Sibigat went with Dunevon and several other young noblemen, including Elsren Balitang. A freak storm hit that broke the ship apart with one wave. Sibigat could not save everyone, not even Dunevon, and only one boy survived. Sibigat also realized that the regents had intended his death as well, knowing that they would make an enemy of him if he did survive. He dedicated himself to Aly's cause, knowing that it was probably greater than what he had first let on, as the regents had forced him to turn coat by killing the boy he was devoted to.

New queen of the Copper Isles

When members of the raka conspiracy attacked the Grey Palace after the regents tried to have Dovasary Balitang assassinated, Sibigat surrendered the palace to them. After the battle was won, Sibigat became captain of the Queen's Guard under Dovasary. He did not have to swear an oath, as Dovasary was firm in the belief that he would never serve the Rittevon family again.

Physical description

Taybur is a large man with six feet and five inches of height. He has a solid build. He had chubby cheeks and wore his curly dark hair short. His eyes were brown and very observant. Aly found him quite attractive[1]

Personality and traits

Sibigat has a very fatherly air, especially with his treatment of Dunevon before the boy's death. He is devoted and loyal and very protective of the boy. He is also very intuitive and watchful, especially when he knows Aly to be of spy origins.

Notes and references

  1. Trickster's Queen, Cp. 4 (pg.78—83; Random House paperback)

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