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I was wondering where exactly the lodgings were situated. The map at the beginning of Bloodhound shows it to be in Deep Harbor District, but those maps can be inaccurate (as seen in the maps of the Protector of the Small quartet). So I looked for reference in the text itself and found two passages, on pages 188 and 189:

"It's on Coates Lane, about five blocks from my house, on the edge of Deep Harbor District"
—p. 188


"Ladyshearth Lodgings was near the northern edge of Soth Hills District, on Coates Lane."
—p. 189

So the second quote taken by itself would suggest that the house was situated in South Hills District, but taken the map and the first quote, it could be both.

Any thoughts? --Purzel 13:41, October 6, 2009 (UTC)

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