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Tahoi (pronounced TAH-hoy) was the dog of Onua Chamtong. He not only kept her company but also helped with the ponies. For one, he was as good a guard as any when she had to do other things. "Tahoi" meant "ox" in Onua's native language, that of the K'mir.[1]

He appears in Wild Magic and The Realms of the Gods.


Tahoi had been with Onua ever since before she came to Tortall. After Onua's husband had left her to die, Tahoi saved her. When the K'mir worked for the Queen's Riders Tahoi was still with her and helped by acting as guard dog. As a "one-woman dog" he didn't accept just anyone. However he took a liking to Daine straightaway, which surprised Onua[1].

Physical description

Tahoi had a plumed tail and was very big for a dog, being nearly as big as a pony.[1]

Notes and references

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