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The Syth (pronounced SIHTH) is a large lake in Namorn in the Circle Universe.

The lake is named after Sythuthan,[1] a Namornese trickster god due to the trickster nature of the Syth; it can go from sunny and breeze to cold and windy in a heartbeat, and is extremely treacherous because of this. The waters are also freezing because the currents come from the glaciers in the north. During the winter months strong winds blow off of the lake,[2] and to fall in during Wolf Moon is seen as a death sentence.[3] The Syth has large and unpredictable storms.[4] It is characterized as having moods.[5]


The island city Kugisko is primarily on the Syth[6]. The Imperial Palace of Dancruan also opens onto the lake. The Julih Tunnel is a secret passageway in which people can escape the palace by boat. It was used several times by Berenene dor Ocmore during assassination attempts, and was used in 1043 KF by Finlach fer Hurich to hide Sandrilene fa Toren during his kidnap attempt[7].


Deliellen Stormwalker is said to have parted the waters of the Syth using her staff.[8]

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