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Symric (pronounced SIHM-rik) served in the Third Company of the King's Own as a corporal in Sergeant Domitan's squad.

Skirmishes with Scanran raiders

Before the official declaration of the Scanran War in 460 HE, there were plenty of skirmishes and small fights with the Scanran raiders at the Tortall and Scanra borderlines. Symric was a corporal in 459 HE, although he was not sure of himself. When Domitan was hit by an arrow during the Battle of Forgotten Well and forced to leave the field, Raoul of Goldenlake, the Knight Commander of the King's Own, asked Keladry of Mindelan, his squire, to take over for Dom. When Kel asked why Symric didn't have the honor, Raoul said that although Symric was a good man, he was no commander. He also said that Dom knew it was a mistake to promote him, and even worse, Symric knew.

He was relieved that he didn't have to take over command of the squad, but helped Kel and stood by her while she did.

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