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Sweating Sickness
General Information
Place of occurrence Tortall
Beginning date
Date of completion
Length of event
Notable fighters
Weapons used
Notable fighters
Weapons used
Crime Information
Weapons used
Captured by
Illness informtation
Symptoms Cough and high fever
Caused by Roger of Conté
Researched by
Cure Magical healing
Bibliographical information
Tortallan Universe event
Event in Alanna: The First Adventure

The Sweating Sickness is a Tortallan epidemic. The main symptoms of the sickness seem to be persistent coughing and a very high fever which eventually leads to the death of the sick person.

Known Occurences

242 HE

There were several times in Tortallan history when the Sweating Sickness broke out. One of them was in Port Caynn in 242 HE. Sir Lionel of Trebond's oldest son died in that occurrence of the sickness[1].

431 HE

Another time was in March of 431 HE[2]. This time the outbreak of the sickness wasn't of natural causes, however, as Duke Roger had magically sent it to harm the royal family. The first to fall ill were people living in the city of Corus. This outbreak was tragically distinct from others: it drained the healers trying to help the sick people. Thus there were few healers left who could still work when the sickness hit the Royal Palace.

So many of the palace inhabitants fell ill, including pages, squires and their teachers, that the pages' lessons were suspended during the outbreak.[3]

Among the sick were Queen Lianne, the Lord Provost and Duke Gareth. Francis of Nond, a page, was one of the first to die of the sickness. Another page to fall ill was Raoul of Goldenlake, but he got better and fully recovered from the sickness. Jonathan of Conté was one of the last to fall sick, once the healers were drained of their magic. He was eventually healed by Alanna of Trebond.[3] The Queen became better but did never fully recover from the sickness, which left her with very frail health and made it easier for Duke Roger to use further magic to harm and eventually kill Lianne.


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