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The Sunset Room was a specially designed room at Persopolis that legend said was created to watch over the Black City. It was first mentioned by Duke Roger in his speech to the squires and Alanna before their trip to the Great Southern Desert with Lord Martin of Meron in April of 433 HE. The only person with a key to the Sunset Room was the Governor of Persopolis Castle; in 433 the governor was Ali Mukhtab.

The door to the Sunset room was made of wood, set with a brass lock. Every inch of the interior of the room was covered in colorful mosaics depicting old stories of the Bazhir and the Nameless Ones of the Black City. The room faced west toward the Black City with only columns separating it from the view beyond. During the squires' visit to Fief Meron, only Alanna, Alex, Jonathan, Gary, Raoul, and Geoffrey of Meron were permitted into the room.

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