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The Tortallan Monarchs listed below date back to the Eastern Empire before the Human Era, which included Tortall, Barzun, Maren, Tusaine, Tyra, and Galla.  

Jonathan I of Conté does not appear in the source material for the rest of this line of succession (nor does Baird I or Jonathan III), but has been placed in the line as the first Conté king.[1]

Before the Conté Dynasty

Asaron's Era (AE), also called Before Human Era (BHE)

609 AE - Asaron I of Rethaward, Emperor of the Eastern Empire

  • Remade the existing calendars to read A.E.
  • Spent most of his time riding around his empire

644 AE - Asaron II, "the Hopeful"

653 AE - Asaron III, "the Warrior"

  • Fought with his neighbors and taxed his nobles
  • Married his children off to his favorite people for political protection

688 AE - Asaron IV, "the Gracious"

703 AE - Asaron V

707 AE - Strassic I, "the Unlucky"

  • Rethaward second cousin
  • Was an infant when Asaron V was killed
  • Had 3 wives

738 AE - Strassic II, "the Great"

  • Was a great warrior, who carried a heavy sword
  • Was killed in battle

752 AE - Strassic III, "the Small"

766 AE - Strassic IV

771 AE - Strassic V, "the Fertile"

  • Had many children, all daughters

788 AE - Strassic VI, "the Weak"

  • Held no power over his own nobles

Conté Dynasty

Jonathan I of Conté[1]

795 AE - Newlin I of Conté, King of Tortall

  • Founded the sovereign nation of Tortall
  • Created the Book of Gold
  • Founded the College of Heralds

832 AE - Newlin II of Conté

  • Grandson of Newlin I (his father died while still a prince)

845 AE - Roald I and Annable of Tortall (co-regnants)

  • Were told by a seer that they would never have children of their own
  • Adopted Annable's nephew Ennalt and renamed him Newlin

887 AE - Newlin III of Conté (born Ennalt)

  • Inherited the throne at the age of 41

889 AE - Roald II of Conté, "the Virtuous"

900 AE = 1 Human Era (HE)

19 HE - Gareth I of Conté and Doras of Great Minch (co-regnants)

33 HE - Gareth I of Conté and Merice of Queenscove (co-regnants)

57 HE - Gareth I of Conté and Andrette of Tameran (co-regnants)

  • Gareth I had 5 daughters, 4 sons, 18 grandchildren, and 24 great-grandchildren

74 HE - Baird II of Conté, "the Lucky"

  • Third great-grandson of Gareth I and Doras of Great Minch

86 HE - Roger I of Conté, "the Unlucky"

  • Tripped on his way to be crowned king
  • Killed in battle with the Drell River hill tribes

89 HE - Jonathan II of Conté, "the Lion"

  • Assassinated in 119 HE when someone put dreamrose in his supper wine

119 HE - Baird III of Conté, "the Adamant"

125 HE - Roger II of Conté, "the Wall Builder"[2]

  • King Roger inherited at the age of 5 and a council of lords ruled until he came of age

181 HE - Jasson I of Conté and Sidea of Naxen (co-regnants)

  • Jasson and Sidea were not married, and Jasson never had children of his own
  • Adopted Henrim of Queenscove from his cousin's family

200 HE - Gareth II of Conté, "the Stern" (born Henrim)

  • Changed his name to Conté after being adopted by Jasson I

224 HE - Roger III of Conté, "the Liberator"[2]

278 HE - Gareth III of Conté, "the Builder"

  • Repaired city walls and fortresses following the Era of Civil Wars from 251 - 280 HE
  • Started the practice of having part of every noble's family at court with him to keep them under control

321 HE - Wylles of Conté, "the Sickly"

323 HE - Margarry of Conté, Queen (regent)

  • Ended the practice of keeping nobles at court for half the year

339 HE - Jasson II of Conté, "the Goddess-Blessed"

  • Built a convent and suggested his mother, Margarry, take vows and become Head Daughter

346 HE - Roald III, "the Horse-Tamer"

  • King Jonathan IV's horse, Darkness, is descended from one of Roald III's lines of mounts

351 HE - Roger IV, "the Ill-Fated"

  • Adopted his nephew Roald of Legann
  • Died of a cold he contracted while bear hunting in the mountains

353 HE - Roald IV of Legann, "the Quiet"

  • Wrote a law requiring all members of the Royal Family be accompanied by a mage with a mastery of healing whenever they travel outside a royal residence

367 HE - Baird IV of Conté, "the Roisterer"

396 HE - Jasson III of Conté, "the Fierce"

422 HE - Roald V of Conté, "the Peacemaker"

  • Married Lianne of Naxen in 417 HE
  • Became king when his father abdicated the throne

439 HE - Jonathan IV of Conté and Thayet jian Wilima (co-regnants)

  • Jonathan inherited the throne after his mother was assassinated and his father committed suicide
  • Thayet left Sarain for Tortall after her mother committed suicide and her father was assassinated

Notes and References

  1. 1.0 1.1 Inconsistency: In The Book of Silver, Reign of the Contés, and Old Ones (2007) Jonathan I is named as the first Conté king, reigning approximately 300 years prior to Jonathan IV and 100 years prior to Roger III, which would place the start of his reign circa 140 HE. This contradicts the "Timeline of the Realm of Tortall" in Tortall: A Spy's Guide, which states that Newlin I of Conté founded the nation of Tortall in 795 AE.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Inconsistency: King Roger in the Provost's Dog Trilogy is designated with the regnal number II. In Tortall: A Spy's Guide, the same king is listed as Roger III.
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