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The Tortallan Monarchs listed below date back to the Eastern Empire before the Human Era, which included Tortall, Barzun, Maren, Tusaine, Tyra, and Galla.  Jonathan I of Conté does not appear in the source material for this line of succession (nor does Baird I or Jonathan III), but has been placed in the line as the first Conté king (mentioned by Tamora Pierce) without a date listed.

Before the Human Era (BHE) - Asaron's Era (AE)

609 AE - Asaron I of Rethaward, Emperor of the Eastern Empire

  • Remade the existing calendars to read A.E.
  • Spent most of his time riding around his empire

644 AE - Asaron II, "the Hopeful"

653 AE - Asaron III, "the Warrior"

  • Fought with his neighbors and taxed his nobles
  • Married his children off to his favorite people for political protection

688 AE - Asaron IV, "the Gracious"

703 AE - Asaron V

707 AE - Strassic I, "the Unlucky"

  • Rethaward second cousin
  • Was an infant when Asaron V was killed
  • Had 3 wives

738 AE - Strassic II, "the Great"

  • Was a great warrior, who carried a heavy sword
  • Was killed in battle

752 AE - Strassic III, "the Small"

766 AE - Strassic IV

771 AE - Strassic V, "the Fertile"

  • Had many children, all daughers

788 AE - Strassic VI, "the Weak"

  • Held no power over his own nobles

Conté Dynasty

Jonathan I of Conté - First Conté king

795 AE - Newlin I of Conté, King of Tortall

  • Founded the sovereign nation of Tortall
  • Created the Book of Gold
  • Founded the College of Heralds

832 AE - Newlin II of Conté

  • Grandson of Newlin I (his father died while still a prince)

845 AE - Roald I and Annable of Tortall (co-regnants)

  • Were told by a seer that they would never have children of their own
  • Adopted Annable's nephew Ennalt and renamed him Newlin

887 AE - Newlin III of Conté (born Ennalt)

  • Inherited the throne at the age of 41

889 AE - Roald II of Conté, "the Virtuous"

900 AE = 01 Human Era (HE)

19 HE - Gareth I of Conté and Doras of Great Minch (co-regnants)

33 HE - Gareth I of Conté and Merice of Queenscove (co-regnants)

57 HE - Gareth I of Conté and Andrette of Tameran (co-regnants)

  • Gareth I had 5 daughters, 4 sons, 18 grandchildren, and 24 great-grandchildren

74 HE - Baird II of Conté, "the Lucky"

  • Third great-grandson of Gareth I and Doras of Great Minch

86 HE - Roger I of Conté, "the Unlucky"

  • Tripped on his way to be crowned king
  • Killed in battle with the Drell River hill tribes

89 HE - Jonathan II of Conté, "the Lion"

  • Assassinated in 119 HE when someone put dreamrose in his supper wine

119 HE - Baird III of Conté, "the Adamant"

125 HE - Roger II of Conté, "the Wall Builder"[1]

  • King Roger inherited at the age of 5 and a council of lords ruled until he came of age

181 HE - Jasson I of Conté and Sidea of Naxen (co-regnants)

  • Jasson and Sidea were not married, and Jasson never had children of his own
  • Adopted Henrim of Queenscove from his cousin's family

200 HE - Gareth II of Conté, "the Stern" (born Henrim)

  • Changed his name to Conté after being adopted by Jasson I

224 HE - Roger III of Conté, "the Liberator"[2]

278 HE - Gareth III of Conté, "the Builder"

  • Repaired city walls and fortresses following the Era of Civil Wars from 251 - 280 HE
  • Started the practice of having part of every noble's family at court with him to keep them under control

321 HE - Wylles of Conté, "the Sickly"

323 HE - Margarry of Conté, Queen (regent)

  • Ended the practice of keeping nobles at court for half the year

339 HE - Jasson II of Conté, "the Goddess-Blessed"

  • Built a convent and suggested his mother, Margarry, take vows and become Head Daughter

346 HE - Roald III, "the Horse-Tamer"

  • King Jonathan IV's horse, Darkness, is descended from one of Roald III's lines of mounts

351 HE - Roger IV, "the Ill-Fated"

  • Adopted his nephew Roald of Legann
  • Died of a cold he contracted while bear hunting in the mountains

353 HE - Roald IV of Legann, "the Quiet"

  • Wrote a law requiring all members of the Royal Family be accompanied by a mage with a mastery of healing whenever they travel outside a royal residence

367 HE - Baird IV of Conté, "the Roisterer"

396 HE - Jasson III of Conté, "the Fierce"

  • Married Daneline of Jesslaw, in Barzun, in 386 HE
  • Retook the western bank of the River Drell from Tusaine in 395 HE
  • Conquered the country of Barzun in 400 HE (in-book discrepancy)[3]

422 HE - Roald V of Conté, "the Peacemaker"

  • Married Lianne of Naxen in 417 HE
  • Became king when his father abdicated the throne

439 HE - Jonathan IV of Conté and Thayet jian Wilima (co-regnants)

  • Jonathan inherited the throne after his mother was assassinated and his father committed suicide
  • Thayet left Sarain for Tortall after her mother committed suicide and her father was assassinated

Notes and References

  1. Inconsistency: "King Roger II" was the King of Tortall in the Hunt Records Trilogy. In Tortall: A Spy's Guide, same king listed as Roger III.
  2. Inconsistency: Same king mentioned here is called "Roger II" in the Hunt Records trilogy. Listed as Roger III in Tortall: A Spy's Guide.
  3. Inconsistency: In Tortall: A Spy's Guide: "Timeline of the Realm of Tortall", Jasson III conquered Barzun in 400 HE, but in "An Official Chronology of Tortallan Events" and in Trickster's Choice: Excerpt from "The Luarin Conquest", he conquered Barzun in 378 HE, and was already king.
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