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Student of Ostriches
A Story of the Tortallan Universe
Protagonist Kylaia al Jmaa and Joesh Valany
Setting Southern Lands
Author Tamora Pierce
Anthology Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales and Young Warriors: Stories of Strength
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Student of Ostriches is a short story written by Tamora Pierce. The story is set in the Tortallan Universe, specifically in the Southern Lands even further south than Carthak. The story was first published in the anthology Young Warriors: Stories of Strength; it was published again later in Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales, a compilation of short stories written entirely by Pierce.


The story is about a girl, Kylaia al Jmaa, who must fight for her sister's honor in a duel. She learned to fight by watching the animals of the savanna, namely the ostrich as it kicked. Joesh Valany, a Shang warrior from the north, was so impressed that he took her on as his student.

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