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Starns is one of the Battle Islands in the Circle Universe. It is located on the Pebbled Sea.


Like many landforms, Starns has its own sentient elemental spirit, which is capable of powerful magic. Starns and many other islands in the area were able to bully the Magma Spirits into exiting the mountain into the sea, as opposed to the land, as Starns wanted to keep its flora and fauna and not have to rebuild.[1]


Starns is a volcano that has been dormant for centuries, allowing flora and fauna to thrive. Humans are also able to live on the island.

Evumeimei Dingzai is an ambient stone mage who is able to speak to Starns, thus showing that the island has its own spirit. In 1043 KF when the magma from deep in the earth is about to erupt through the Starns volcano, the islands participate in a coup of sorts and refuse to allow the magma through.


The Battle Islands is an archipelago that gets its name from the inhabitants and residents on the islands. Pirate nations are known to live on the Battle Islands, namely Pauha and Enahar's nations. In 1043 KF, the people of Starns send for Winding Circle mages to examine the suspicious death of flora on the islands. Rosethorn and Dedicate Myrrhtide are sent, along with Evumeimei Dingzai. They all discover that the volcano is going to erupt.

Two villages on the island are Sustree and Moharrin.

Named inhabitants

Villagers of Moharrin

  • Azaze Yopali is the headwoman of Moharrin, a village located on the shore of Starns.
  • Tahar Catwalker is the head mage of Moharrin.
  • Oswin Forest is the local inventor. He has adopted many orphaned children from the Battle Islands.
  • Nory is one of Oswin's adoptive children.
  • Jayatin Holly is another mage in the area. He has a crush on Nory.
  • Meryem is the youngest of Oswin's adoptive children.


  • Dubyine is an inhabitant of Starns who never really dropped the piracy aspect of the lifestyle. She is incredibly distrustful of Rosethorn and Myrrhtide and believes they are lying about who they are and what will happen.
  • Karove is friends with Dubyine, and thinks the exact same thing she does about the visiting dedicates.

Notes and references

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