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Type Country
Location To the east of the Pebbled Sea
Size Vast
Terrain Desert, hilly, lush
Climate Warm, dry, hot
Bodies of water Qarwan River
Marine Life
Location Information
Established Unknown
Official Language Imperial (west)
Other languages (east)
Religious Head
Residents The Sotaten peoples
Religion Living Circle (west)
Patron God
Law Enforcement
Major Events
Capital Hajra
Port Cities
Major Cities Chammur
Major Roads
Notable Buildings
Government Absolute Monarchy
Head of State The King of Sotat
Main Industry Gold
Precious gems
Trade Partners Emelan
Bibliographical information
Circle Universe place
First Mentioned '
First Appeared Sandry's Book
Latest Appearance Street Magic
Last Appeared '
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned Battle Magic
Only Mentioned '

Sotat (pronounced SOH-taht) is a country in the Circle Universe.


Location and climate

Sotat is located to the southeast of Emelan, along the Pebbled Sea. The climate ranges from humid to dry desert heat, depending on where one is in the country. In the far eastern part of the country, it is all desertland.

Landforms and bodies of water



Sotat is an absolute monarchy, which means the monarch holds complete judicial power.


The country has strict anti-thieving laws, even for children. The first and second time a thief is caught, an X tattoo is forcefully placed on the skin between the thumb and pointer finger, and the thief is treated to an overnight stay in prison. The third time, another X is tattooed, and the thief is brought before a judge, who has the power to sentence the perpetrator to a life of hard labor. The most common sentences are to the docks or the mines.

International relations

Sotat has relatively good relations with surrounding countries, namely Emelan. This is perhaps because Emelan is the host of the Winding Circle temple, one of the forerunning temples of the Living Circle religion.


Known cities

  • Hajra, the capital. It is where the king lives and rules. It is also where Briar Moss was born, and where he later lived before being rescued by Niklaren Goldeye.
  • Chammur, a city located in the far east. Chammur is technically a part of the Sotaten kingdom, but it mainly governs itself. The amir is considered a king in all but name.


Since Niklaren Goldeye was allowed to save a convicted criminal from a life of hard labor, it's possible that the Living Circle is the main religion in Sotat. This can also be possible in seeing that Skyfire, who was once a famed Sotaten general, became a dedicate at Winding Circle[1], which suggests he was raised with that religion.

It's possible that the west of Sotat worships the Living Circle, while the east has its own gods, as seen with Chammur, a city that has a separate religion from the Living Circle.


People in Hajra speak Imperial, a language descended from the Kurchal Empire. People in Chammur speak Chammuri, a completely different tongue.

The cultural differences between the rest of Sotat and Chammur are probably due to history. Western Sotat was governed by the Kurchal Empire around 1,040 years prior to 1039 KF, while Chammur was found 200 years before the fall of the empire, thus explaining the different language and other cultural differences.


A Sotaten dish is eggplant stuffed with lamb and rice.[2] The people of Sotat are known to eat couscous with their hands.[3]


Sotat, like most of the countries surrounding the Pebbled Sea, was once part of the Kurchal Empire, which held power a millennium hence.



Gold is mined in Sotat, allowing the country to become quite wealthy[4].


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