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The Smallpox Epidemic in Hatar occurred in 1034 K.F. and ravaged the country during the summer.


The epidemic hit the island kingdom of Hatar during the summer and lasted through the season. The out break got so bad that within the capital, Zakdin, violent riots broke out. By Autumn the disease had dissipated.


It is unknown how many people died in the break out, but many of the bodies in the capital were placed in the city's amphitheater and burned.

Notable people who died were:

A trader named Pirisi was killed by a mob when the riots broke out in Zakdin. Pirisi's three children also died of the pox[1].


The Lady Sandrilene fa Toren survived the epidemic after her nurse Pirisi locked her in a magically concealed storage closet. During her long confinement she began to discover her thread magic.


Other than the obvious effects of the disease several key events unfolded from the epidemic.

  • The ampitheater in Zadkin was burned down and replaced with a marble one
  • Niklaren Goldeye discovered Sandrilene fa Toren and brought her to Winding Circle which allowed the events for the series to take place
  • Because of the deaths of her parents Sandrilene fa Toren is brought closer to her great-uncle Vedris IV, Duke of Emelan, this has created the opportunity for her to inherit the duchy rather than her cousin

Notes and references

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