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Slavery is a topic seen quite differently in various times and countries.

Slavery in Tortall

Slavery was common practice in Tortall. In the middle of the third century of the Human Era critical voices began to raise and it was subsequently prohibited in Tortall[1], although it is not known when exactly it was prohibited.

Slavery was already a problem for the Provost's Guard around 246 HE before it was forbidden as illegal slave auctions were held in the attempt of cheating the Crown out of their taxes. Furthermore the kidnapping of children for selling them as slaves was already prohibited[2]. In the Lower City of Corus the Market of Sorrows was a known place for slave trade.[3]

Slavery in other countries

Carthak still has slaves when Ozorne is it's Emperor and doesn't seem to be inclined of giving it up.

The Copper Isles are also a slave-holding nation, after the luarin conquest many raka were slaves.


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