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Spoiler Alert: The following section contains spoilers about Bloodhound.

"You're a warrior, aren't you, for all you're bent out of true."
Rosto to Slapper[src]

Slapper is a pigeon living around the 240s HE in Corus. Rebakah Cooper first encounters him at Provost's House in 243 or 244 HE[1][2] and begins feeding him along with the other pigeons in order to hear their ghosts. He has been known to carry several ghosts and Beka voices the opinion that the spirits of the dead might have driven him mad[3]. Slapper belongs to those pigeons who always seem to carry a ghost, but he doesn't carry one in the first week of September in 247 HE.[3] He seems to be commanding the pigeons of Corus, which leads Beka to the assumption that he might be a high priest among them.[4] Slapper was killed in Port Caynn on September 20 in 247 HE by Jurji, who cut the bird in two when Slapper and his ghost, Hansevor Remy, tried to prevent him from escaping the Provost's Guard[5]. Beka took two of his feathers[6] to remember him.

The pigeon got his name from his habit of hitting Beka with his wings. He isn't nice with other people either, hitting Rosto as well as pecking a Port Caynn guardsman, who tried to shoo him off, in the nose[7]. But Slapper's bad habits could also be helpful, as he proved when he was in Port Caynn with Beka. He was keeping one of the child-stealers Beka had come across busy, while she was dealing with another one of them.[8] While he was in the port with Beka Slapper had found another flock of pigeons with whose he flew around during that time[9].

He appears both in Terrier and in Bloodhound.

Physical description

Slapper belongs to those pigeons who are blue-black. He is dirty and has a clubbed foot which must give him pain, a hunched back and "wide yellow eyes with the tiniest of pupils".[1]


Since Beka first met Slapper, he has carried at least ten ghosts, if not more.[2]

The ghost riding Slapper from the beginning of April 246 HE until mid-May of the same year was one of Crookshank's diggers. He was married and had daughters.[10]

In the end of September 247 HE Slapper carried the ghost of Hansevor Remy, who was the accomplice of Pearl Skinner in producing and passing along false coins. He was killed by Pearl's personal assassin, Zolaika.


It is not quite clear when Beka first met Slapper. At one point in Terrier, she says that she has been feeding him for three years[1]. However, she later states that she met him two years back [2]

Tamora Pierce based Slapper on a real pigeon she met in Riverside Park. This pigeon died and Slapper's death in the novel was her "way to say goodbye".[11]


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