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Emelanese character
Biographical information
Nationality Sotat (former), Emelanese
Physical description
Gender Male
Height Taller than six feet
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Skin color
Magic Academic
Family information
Wife Deceased
Rank Initiate Fire Dedicate
Position First Fire Dedicate
Occupation Defense of Winding Circle
Affiliation Winding Circle Temple
Bibliographical information
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Dedicate Skyfire is first among the Fire Dedicates and an initiate, which means mage, at Winding Circle.[1] During times of trouble or danger, he is responsible for organizing the defense of the temple. He taught Daja Kisubo the staff-fighting meditation technique which Daja later teaches to Jorality Bancanor. Before he joined the temple, Skyfire was a famed general.


Early life and career

Skyfire, whose name before dedication is unknown, was a legend as a general in Sotat until 1030 KF. When his wife died that year, he left Sotat and his armies behind to dedicate himself to the gods of fire at Winding Circle in Emelan. Five years later he was already First Fire Dedicate, thus head of the Fire temple and responsible for all of Winding Circle's defenses.[2]

Pirate attack of 1035 KF

Pirates led by Pauha and Enahar attacked Winding Circle in that year. Skyfire was in charge of the temple's defenses. When Briar Moss heard that the pirates were up against Skyfire, he was more comfortable, as the dedicate was a famed general and that nothing would go wrong if Skyfire was in charge of defenses. As the pirates were using advanced technology, called "boom-stones" (bomb-like weapons) to infiltrate and destroy the temple's defenses, Skyfire was unequipped. He did keep his calm throughout the whole thing, however. When Trisana Chandler used the winds to divert and trap a boom-stone that was heading for the wall they were on, Skyfire asked the girl if she could do that on command or if she needed to be scared. He also said that he was capable of doing plenty of scaring if the latter was the case.

Serial murders of 1039 KF

Skyfire and Moonstream were present when Sandrilene fa Toren and Pasco Acalon laid their cleverly made trap for Nurhar and Alzena Dihanur, and the unmage. They knew that the unmage had an addiction to a highly illegal substance known as dragonsalt, and they incorporated it as a lure for the unmage in the trap. When Pasco discovered the contents of the sack, he was miffed and reproachful, as he knew of the penalties inflicted on those who sold or used dragonsalt. Skyfire told him to stop worrying and that they knew how illegal it was, but that it was incredibly necessary for the trap to work against the Dihanurs and the unmage.

Physical description

Skyfire is lean and very tall, as he has more than six feet of height. His hair is red and short-cropped as is his beard. He has a thin nose and weathered skin. Skyfire's eyes are a deep blue. He normally wears the crimson robe of fire dedicates with a black border to mark him as an initiate as well as a gold circle which shows his position as the head of the Fire Temple.[1]

Personality & Traits

Skyfire was known as being a hardened soldier and general and very good under pressure. He taught Daja Kisubo a staff-wielding meditation technique as opposed to the sitting, and admitted that he never could meditate in the peaceful manner. As fighting can be very meditative, as it involves the focusing on very specific actions and objects, it was perfect for him, Daja, and Jorality Bancanor, and perhaps countless others.


Notes and references

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