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Skinners were chaos beasts released by Ozorne and Uusoae into a small Tortallan village near Port Legann during the Immortals War. Sir Hallec of Nenan was sent out to fight them on Midsummer's Day and was killed so the king sent Daine and Numair out to stop them. Numair and Daine met them in an orchard and were nearly killed, saved only by Weiryn and Sarra's intervention.

They would skin the flesh off of living things (fur, feathers, bark) and it wouldappears on their body for a second before they absorbed it. They looked very similar to humans only without eyes, mouth, nose or hair. They seemed to be similar to reptiles since they needed to warm up in the morning and King Jonathan recommended his warriors to use this as an advantage. It was nearly impossible to kill them since blowing a skinner up will just make more and they were not blocked by the earth. Eventually Numair killed a few by turning them into water and later the Badger killed the rest by turning the into ice.

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