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Siraj (pronounced seer-AHJ) was once an independent nation before being conquered by the Carthaki Empire. Siraj was still independent in the middle of the 3rd Century HE, but was conquered by Carthak prior to 308 HE.[1] It is part of the Southern Lands, along with Amar, Apal, Carthak, Ekallatum, Shusin, Yamut, and Zallara.[2]

Siraj is located to the east, along the southern coast of the Great Inland Sea. The province is ruled by a governor appointed by the emperor.[3]

Emperor Kaddar Iliniat is the Prince of Siraj,[4] and in 446 HE, Kaddar's father, a Chelogu prince, was killed putting down a rebellion in Siraj.[5] The people of Siraj are dark-skinned.[6]

Siraj is famed for its opals. Sirajit opals come is three known varieties tawny, dark, and clear.[6] Tawny Sirajit opals are the peach stones, and have red, orange, and green inside them. Dark Sirajit opals are deep mahogany brown in color and have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple fires inside.[6] Clear Sirajit opals, like the ones in a bracelet that Dale Rowan gave to Beka Cooper as a gift, were clear white stones with orange, yellow, blue, purple, and pink fires inside.[7] Dale called them Trickster's gems, some lasting for ages, and others cracking within months. While Beka and Guardwoman Goodwin were in Port Caynn, then ran across a Sirajit woman and her guard, Usan, who were selling Sirajit opals, but left after they started receiving payment in false silver coins.[6]

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