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Simulacrum is a complicated magical feat that involves the creation of someone's own body in magical form. It, for all intents and purposes, is meant to seem as much like the real person as possible. Simulacra can speak and act like the person, including the adding of little tics and idiosyncrasies to make it more real.

Known Mages to Use Simulacrum

  • Ozorne Tasikhe, the famed Emperor Mage of Carthak, uses a simulacrum so he does not have to appear in person at state functions.
  • Numair Salmalín, a black robe, has the ability to create an almost perfect simulacrum, unlike his old friend and new enemy, Ozorne. Numair can also imbue his simulacra with his magical Gift, to make it seem like it really is him. This was a very complicated thing to be able to do, and not even Ozorne was able to do it.
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