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Silsbee is a guardsman of the Provost's Guard, where he is assigned to Evening Watch in the Lower City of Corus. He is married and seems to have quite a liking for food. Silsbee isn't too enthusiastic about his work, preferring to chat with shopkeepers instead of collecting the weekly Happy Bag for one.[1] He is partnered with Rebakah Cooper for a short time in late August/early September of 247 HE, but their partnership only lasts two weeks as Beka is too eager for Silsbee.[2] Silsbee is referred to by others as a "known slug"[3] and has developed a habit to roll his eyes when he sees Beka three days before he requests his transfer.[4] Thus he asks to get a new partner and is transferred to the Magistrate's Court[5].

Silsbee only appears as a minor character in the beginning of Bloodhound.

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