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The Siege of Pirate's Swoop took place in early summer of 449 HE. It was an attempt by presumed Carthakis to take Queen Thayet, Prince Roald, and Princess Kalasin hostage.


When Queen Thayet and her two older children accompanied the new trainees of the Queen's Riders to their summer camp in 449 HE, which was held at Pirate's Swoop in that year, pirates took advantage of the situation. They surrounded the Swoop both with soldiers on the land and with ships on the sea. In addition to this Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau, the King's Champion, had been lured away. A magical damping spell had also been laid on the Swoop to prevent any of its inhabitants from using magic.

The actual size of the siege was discovered by Daine, who had used her abilities to speak with animals, to see the positions and numbers of the enemy. She discovered that they had been surrounded in the dark. While first using her powers to prevent the animals of the forest and town to fight against the invaders on the grounds that Daine feared her animal friends might be hurt, she later let them help and made them more effective by telling them the best ways how they could cause considerable damage to the enemy forces by soiling their food or preventing them from sleeping. In the end Daine even went as far as calling for help with the animals living in the sea.

The presumed Carthakis demanded that the Queen, Prince and Princess be handed over for them. However, Baron George refused their demands. Numair spent much of his Gift in keeping the effects of the dampening magic from the healers so they could do their work and care for the injured. The raiders tried to use a dragon against the defendors of the Swoop, but Daine could convince the dragon that it wasn't them who had taken her from her home but the raiders themselves. She inadvertently healed the dead child in the dragon's womb. When the dragon, that had retreated to the nearby cliffs to give birth, was shot, she left her baby, Skysong, later nicknamed "Kitten", in the care of Daine.

Parties involved

While unknown if the raiders were actually Carthakis, the robes of their mages suggested so. George of Pirate's Swoop, Daine, Numair, Sarge, Buri and Onua were the main "generals" for the small army of Pirate's Swoop. The trainees for the Queen's Riders also had to prove themselves by defending the Swoop as archers.

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