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Si-cham is the Chief of the Masters in the Mithran Cloisters in the City of the Gods. His black and gold robes show this status. This makes him the head of the Cult of Mithros in all Eastern Lands. He is also a powerful sorcerer.[1]

Alanna first encounters him when she visits her brother Thom in the City of the Gods near the end of In the Hand of the Goddess. He appears again in Lioness Rampant, to help Thom at the request of George Cooper. He eventually dies on the coronation day of Jonathan IV of Conté as a result of Josiane Rittevon, a princess from the Copper Isles. He was also unable to defend himself with his Gift, as Roger of Conté had a leeching spell on anyone who used their Gift.

Notes and references

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